About The Panasonic World Heritage Calendar for iPad / Android (Tablets)

Panasonic World Heritage calendar iPad version / Android version cover image

Install this app to your iPad / Android (Tablets) , and you will have access to a calendar with beautiful photographs of World Heritage Sites whenever you wish. You can enjoy learning World Heritage trivia or watching a slideshow within a photo frame.
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Spanish

Download for the iPad

Download from the App Store
OS: iOS 9 or later

Download for the Android (Tablets)

Download from the Google Play
OS: Android OS 6.0 or later

*The application is not guaranteed to work on all of the above software versions.

Basic Screens/Controls

The display changes in landscape or portrait orientation. In landscape orientation, the photograph is larger allowing you to enjoy even more of the beautiful views of World Heritage Sites. In portrait orientation, the time is displayed in larger font, which makes it convenient for use as a clock.
Flick the photograph to the left to move to the next photo or to the right to go back to the previous photo.


Today's date is displayed in the upper right.

Image of screen instructions when in landscape view


Today's date is displayed along with the time in a larger font.

Image of screen instructions when in portrait view

Flick to change the photograph.

Image of instructions for switching photos


Use the following features by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Image of instructions for each button in the app. From lower left in order: the slideshow button, the Quick navigation button, and the language selection button. At the far right is the details button.

1. Slideshow

When you tap the Slideshow button, the slide show will start and the icon will change accordingly. Photos will be displayed at random every 60 seconds.
When you tap it again, the slide show will end and change to the normal display.

Image of slideshow button instructions

2. Quick Navigation

Tap the Quick Navigation button to display a list of photographs. Select your favorite photograph to go to it. Tap the button again to make the list disappear.

Image of Quick navigation button instructions

3. Language Selection

Select from Japanese, English, Chinese, French, and Spanish by pressing the Language Selection button.
If the OS language is one of these five languages, that language will be selected during installation. If it is another language, English will be selected.

Image of language selection button instructions

4. Details

Press the details button to display trivia about culture and nature related to the World Heritage Site on the screen. Press the Close button or tap outside the display screen to make it disappear.

Image of details button Instructions