Installation Instructions

Attention: before downloading, please check to determine if your OS is compatible.
This application is compatible with the below OS versions.
Windows: Windows 8 or later


Click the "Windows" bellow.
Attention: High bandwidth connection recommended.


Image of instructions for installing trivia application

A dialog box opens and asks you to choose whether to "run this installer" or save. Choose "run".
Downloading starts. This operation may take a few minutes.


Image of trivia application install screen

After the successful download the Windows installer starts automatically.


Image of trivia application install screen

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the application locally on your computer.
by default, this application is saved in Program folder as "Panasonic World Heritage Calendar Standalone 2022"


Image of trivia application install screen

On the last screen, confirm and start the installation by pressing "Install".


Image of trivia application install screen

After the installation finished successfully click "Finish".


Image of trivia application icon

The application will then launch automatically. Panasonic Calenda Standalone 2022 shortcut is also created on your desktop.

Image of trivia application display

Attention: This calendar application will automatically stop on December 31st 2022 at 24:00. The 2023 version of this application will be available to download from Panasonic The World Heritage Calendar web site.

Usage Instructions


To start the application, simply use the shortcut placed by default on the Desktop or inside the Windows Start Menu. (Navigation and usage of the standalone application correlates with the online version).

Instructions for shortcut icon to launch application


The Main(Top) page of the standalone application will give you a quick overview and explanation of Panasonic Calendar 2022. To proceed to main calendar application simply click on the "View Calendar" button.

Image of trivia application's "See Calendar" button


To navigate the main calendar you can use the following areas:
(1)Language: Change the language through the link in the upper right corner.
(2)Months: simply click the month you wish you view. The application will then show a new picture and information.
(3)Additional Information: To get additional information, simply click one of the two pictures located next to the description and a pop up window will appear.

Image of trivia application screen instructions


Image of trivia application quit button

To exit the program use the standard close icon in the title bar.

Uninstallation Instructions

Image of trivia application uninstall screen

This application can be uninstalled as any other Windows application from "Programs and Features"(8), "Apps & features"(10, 11).