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2017 Thailand OPEN

The Thailand OPEN, which holds the same status as the country’s national golf championship, was held earlier this year as the first point-earning event of the five tournaments that make up the Panasonic SWING.

Thailand’s own Rattanon Wannasrichan, 21, took the lead on the first day and continued to protect it through day three, where he finished in first place at 21-under with 5 birdies and 1 bogey for a score of 67. Holding on to his lead and claiming the first victory of the Asian Tour, Wannasrichan was awarded 1800 points towards his Panasonic SWING score as well as the right to compete in the 2018 Panasonic OPEN in Japan, a privilege awarded as the highest placing Thai golfer.

Photo:Rattanon Wannasrichan

Dates: May 18 to 21, 2017
Location: Thai Country Club
Winner: Rattanon Wannasrichan

2017 Thailand Open
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Rattanon Wannasrichan

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2017 Panasonic OPEN INDIA

India is the stage for the second competition in the Panasonic SWING tournament series. With this year’s competition held at the Delhi Golf Club, Panasonic OPEN INDIA celebrated its 7th anniversary since first being held in 2011. Shiv Kapur, 35, who found himself tied for first at the end of the third day in his homeland of India, dominated the final day with five birdies and one bogey for a score of 68, taking him to a tournament win at 17-under-par. Kapur has also come out on top in the current Panasonic SWING rankings, adding 1800 points from his victory in India to the 865 (2nd place tie) he gained at May’s Thailand OPEN for a 1st place total of 2,665.
Of the 10 golfers making up the rankings down to the tie in 9th place, 9 hailed from India, making this year’s tournament especially exciting for the home crowd. Having emerged victorious as the highest ranking Indian player, Kapur has secured his right to compete in the 2018 Panasonic OPEN Japan.

Photo:Shiv Kapur Photo:Shiv Kapur

Dates: November 2 to 5, 2017
Location: Delhi Golf Club
Winner: Shiv Kapur

2017 Panasonic OPEN INDIA
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2017 Panasonic OPEN INDIA
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2017 Indonesian Masters

The third competition in the Panasonic SWING Series is the final match of this season’s Asian Tour, Indonesian Masters.
Justin Rose, ranked 6th in the Official World Golf Ranking, showed his true prowess as a major golf championship winner with scores of 62, 69, 66 and 62 for a 29-under-par cumulative total of 259—a stunning victory that put him 8 strokes ahead of 2nd place. 2017 Japanese golf tours leading money winner, Yusaku Miyazato, ended in 4th with 18-under-par.
In the SWING rankings, this tournament’s winner, Justin Rose, collected 1,800 points to put him in 3rd place. Shiv Kapur, who was at the top of the rankings after the first two competitions, finished in a 20th place tie this time, extending his score to 2,771.4 points. Miyazato, with 500 points, has become the first Japanese player to break into the SWING rankings. George Gandranata, the top-placing Indonesian golfer in this competition, has secured a spot at the 2018 Panasonic OPEN Japan in April.

Photo:Justin Rose

Dates: December 14 to 17, 2017
Location: Royale Jakarta Golf Club
Winner: Justin Rose

2017 Indonesian Masters
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Justin Rose

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