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Automotive & Industrial Systems Company


April, 2013


1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma- shi, Osaka 571-8501, Japan


Yoshio Ito


Development, manufacture and sales of automotive infotainment and electronics products (such as car-use-multimedia-related equipment, electrical components), energy products (such as lithium-ion batteries, Primary batteries), industrial devices (such as electronic components, electromechanical control components, electronic materials, semiconductors, display, electric motors)

Number of Employees

102,414 (as of March 31, 2018)


Yoshio Ito Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Panasonic Corporation

The Automotive & Industrial Systems Company of Panasonic Corporation was established in April 2013 with the mission of addressing a wide range of B2B customer needs for automotive and industrial products.

Nowadays, everything is connected through IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve at an amazing speed. Constant advancement of technology is beginning to change the face of the world.

This trend is also causing major changes to the mobility society and manufacturing industry.

While the number of electric vehicles (EV) increases against the backdrop of tightened environmental regulations on a global scale, social needs for a reduction of the burden on drivers and elimination of traffic accidents are on the rise.

In the manufacturing fronts, all things, workers, and factories are now connected through a network, and cooperation between workers and robots, elimination of labor shortages, and higher-precision manufacturing capabilities are expected.

We will leverage technologies that have been fostered in the consumer electronics business to make contributions toward the achievement of a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly mobility society and productive manufacturing processes in the three business areas of automotive, energy, and industrial products.

Yoshio Ito
Automotive & Industrial Systems Company
Panasonic Corporation

Business Initiatives


Taking advantage of the advanced technologies that Panasonic has developed with digital AV products, we are creating electronic vehicle cockpits and promoting the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to make contributions toward the achievement of a comfortable and safe mobility society along with our B2B customers.



Through the use of Panasonic's sophisticated battery and power source technologies, we offer rechargeable batteries for eco-friendly cars such as EVs and power storage systems that utilize renewable energy to B2B customers to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society. We started marketing dry cells in 1933, which are now regularly used by people in 130 countries around the world.



We use Panasonic's unique power electronics technology, material development technology, and production and material handling processes to offer a wide range of solutions including motors, sensors, semiconductors, and electronic materials, making contributions to the progress of electric vehicles and the achievement of IoT-connected, productive manufacturing processes.


Organization Chart

Organization Chart


April 2013

Automotive Systems Company, Device Company, Energy Company, Manufacturing Solutions Company, Panasonic CycleTech Co., Ltd., and Panasonic PolyTechnology Co., Ltd. merged to form Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

July 2014

Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. transferred from AVC Networks Company
Panasonic CycleTech Co., Ltd. transferred to Appliances Company

April 2015

Motor Business Unit (formerly Motor Division) transferred from Appliances Company
Operations divided into four divisions: Automotive, Energy Devices, Industrial, and Factory Solutions

February 2016

July 2016

October 2016

January 2017

March 2017

April 2017

Factory Solution business was transferred to Connected Solutions Company
"Ficosa International S.A.", Automotive Spanish Service Supplier, became our consolidated subsidiary
Panasonic Industrial Devices Obihiro Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Industrial Devices Taiko Co., Ltd. were absorption merged.

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1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8501, Japan

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