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Jun 4, 2013

Achieving "Peak cut of electric power" and "Reduction of total amount of electric power" without losing comfortableness

Announcing the release of "EcoLogiX demand control system"

Supporting the saving-energy driving control and reducing useless energy- consumption of a variety of devices

June 4, 2013, Kasugai, Japan-Panasonic Devices Company-SUNX has succeeded in commercializing "EcoLogiX demand control system", easily introducible BEMS (Building Energy Management System) optimizing and reducing energy consumption. In future, this systems are easily introducible BEMS (expected to expand through small electric-power consumers of high-voltage, including small-to-medium-sized buildings or stores) and achieve "Peak cut of electric power" as well as "Reduction of total amount of electric power" without losing comfortableness

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EcoLogiX demand control system

ELC1 control unit

Remote I/O unit

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June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

With the increasing power rate of the electric power, the importance of the demand control on purpose to achieve "Peak cut of electric power" and "Reduction of total electric power" as a method to reduce the base power rate, has been increasingly required to mainly small electric-power consumers of high voltage. On the other hand, although the subsidy-system to introduce "energy control systems" has been enforced in order to accelerate the introduction of BEMS on April, 2012, there has been a problem that the " high cost " and the complex setting to introduce "The demand control systems" are needed. To meet the market demand, Panasonic Devices Company-SUNX has commercialized "demand control system", featuring a simple line-up unit and a simple setting. We would like to come into wide use this system through small electric-power consumers of high voltage with BEMS aggregators to introduce BEMS to mainly small-to-medium-sized buildings.


1. Easily constructing demand control systems by the construction of "Eco power meter *1", "ELC1 control unit", and "Remote I/O unit"

Adding demand operation-function and control function to "ELC1 control unit" Simultaneous operation of "Demand alarm simultaneous control *2", "Start control *3", and "Cyclic control *4" , achieving saving energy with keeping comfortableness

2.Extremely reduction of engineering man-hour by using our original program and setting tools

No need to develop soft-wear of control program and execute complex initialization

3.Communication functions are normally equipped, achieving simple wiring and saving space

No need to use communication units and to execute complex initialization, realizing easy connection through serial communication (RSC485 communication)

4. Applicable for the subsidy-system to introduce "energy control systems"

Easily applicable for auto-demand response to execute demand automatic remote-control at emergency

*1 Simplicity power-meter (KH1M-H) under our production
*2 Control to generate the alarm separately in three stages in accordance with target value of at set demand time (for thirty minutes) and to stop the load depending on alarm level
*3 Control to reduce the peak power by sifting operation time of equipment including air conditioners
*4 Control to reduce the peak power by eco-operating separately grouped equipment such as air conditioners at set time interval, and also keeping comfortableness

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