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Oct 3, 2013

Improve the reliability or workability of power-supply connection and module-connection inside LED lamp

Announcing the release of "LED lighting terminal L2"

1 pin terminal for wire connection with compact and low profile structure (applicable to 250V)

October 3, 2013, Osaka, Japan-Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporations has succeeded in commercializing the wire connection-type terminal, featuring compact in size, low profile as well as high connection-reliability and workability. Newly developed terminal is suitable for power supply-connection and connection of LED module boards used in LED lamp or LED lighting.

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Product name

Wire connection-type terminal for LED lighting

Series name


Production start

October 2013

Sample price

20 yen/receptacle

With the rapid increasing of the LED lighting market, power-supply connections inside LED lighting and module boards where LED chips are mounted are usually connected by hand-soldering. As the demand of LED lighting is predicted to grow up more and more, improvement in the connection-reliability has been required and connector-connection instead of soldering has come into popular use. To meet the market demand, Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Panasonic Corporations has succeeded in commercializing " the terminal for connecting wires ", featuring the compact in size, and low profile as well as high connection-reliability and workability.


1. The vertical mating and excellent click feeling, contributing to improving assembling -workability and stable connection-quality

- Prevent loose mating and makes it easy to visually check the mating
- Securing of the wire in the direction of tension is possible merely by mating vertically

2.The small, low-profile, 1 pin structure enhance the freedom of design

3.The high capacity 3A, 250V allows the terminal to serve a wide variety of connection purposes


- Connection between power supply board and different board inside LED bulbs, LED down light, etc.
- Connection between LED module boards inside LED ceiling light, LED base light, etc.

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