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Automotive Company, Panasonic Corporation


April, 2019


4261 Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 224-8520, Japan


Yuki Kusumi


The development, manufacture, and sale of in-vehicle infotainment, in-vehicle electronics, automotive mirrors, and motorized systems such as automotive batteries.


Yuki Kusumi Automotive Company Panasonic Corporation

Currently, significant changes are taking place in the environment related to vehicles. We are in the midst of drastic transformations where technical innovations are being implemented, such as the connection of vehicles to the Internet, self-driving, advanced driver assistance systems, and transition to electric vehicles in sync with the emergence of vehicle sharing.

The Automotive Company has been established in April 2019 aiming to fulfill its mission to contribute to the great changes in the mobility society in collaboration with car manufacturers and other clients.

We will bring changes to driving lifestyles, ease the burden on drivers, and offer innovative devices and solutions for eco-friendly vehicles by mobilizing our digital and device technologies as well as our experience and know-how accumulated in the consumer electronics and housing businesses.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support in the future.

Yuki Kusumi, CEO
Automotive Company
Panasonic Corporation

Business Initiatives

Applying the advanced technology it has developed in digital AV over the years, Panasonic is increasing the electronics in automobile cockpits, developing and making proposals for new automobile interior spaces that revolutionize lifestyles during transit, and is contributing to the increased quality (comfort) in mobility.
Also, in the area of integrated safety (safety and security) in mobility, the company is undertaking the development of safety driving support systems that contribute to easing the burden on drivers and is contributing to the realization of a safe mobility society together with customers.
In the area of electrification (environment) in mobility, Panasonic is aiming to make contributions toward the realization of a new mobility society together with customers through electrified systems proposals including industry-leading high-output and high-capacity automotive batteries.

Business Initiatives

Beyond Comfort

Navigation systems
Drive Recorder
PND(Portable Navigation Device)
Connected audio with display
Next-generation cockpit systems
Car audio
Rear seat entertainment systems
Car speakers
Deck mechanisms
Head-Up Displays(HUD)
Car nanoe generators
DSRC/ETC onboard units
Smart keyless systems
Smart connectivity modules
Telematic control units

Integrated Safety

Back & corner sensors
Camera modules
Steering angle sensors
Angular rate sensors
ECU(Electronic Control Unit)
Exterior/interior rearview mirrors
Shifter systems
Sensor and camera cleaning
Headlamp washer


Onboard charging systems
Inverter-integrated compressors
Charging cables
Heater devices
BMC(Battery Management Controller)
Lithium-ion batteries for xEV
Lithium-ion battery systems for HEV
12V Ni-MH energy recovery systems
Car Battery
EV relays
Film capacitors for xEV


Introduction of SPACe_C, A Scalable eMobility Concept

SPACe_C Modular eMobility

Living Space Autonomous Cabin Demo

Living Space Autonomous Cabin

Future Mobility Lifestyle, 20XX

SPYDR2.0 Complete Cockpit Domain Control (CES2019)

Organization Chart

Organization Chart


April 2019

Panasonic has established the Automotive Company as a new Company based on the areas of automotive business and automotive energy business of the former Automotive & Industrial Systems Company to be more in touch with customers' needs.

History of AIS Company

April 2013

Automotive Systems Company, Device Company, Energy Company, Manufacturing Solutions Company, Panasonic CycleTech Co., Ltd., and Panasonic PolyTechnology Co., Ltd. merged to form Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

July 2014

Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. transferred from AVC Networks Company
Panasonic CycleTech Co., Ltd. transferred to Appliances Company

April 2015

Motor Business Unit (formerly Motor Division) transferred from Appliances Company
Operations divided into four divisions: Automotive, Energy Devices, Industrial, and Factory Solutions

February 2016

July 2016

October 2016

January 2017

March 2017

April 2017

Factory Solution business was transferred to Connected Solutions Company
"Ficosa International S.A.", Automotive Spanish Service Supplier, became our consolidated subsidiary
Panasonic Industrial Devices Obihiro Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Industrial Devices Taiko Co., Ltd. were absorption merged.



Train Access: 10 mins. walk from JR Yokohama Line Kamoi Station
Taxi Access: 15mins. taxi from Shin-yokohama Station

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4261 Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 224-8520, Japan