Environmental Communication

Local Environmental Contribution Activities("Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth")

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Panasonic Group has implemented various region-based environmental activities designed by its employees themselves, involving local residents, children, and employees' family.
It is named "Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth", with the thoughts of "linking beyond generations".
We are aiming at contributing to building sustainable earth and society.
Automotive Company is also participating in this activity as a member of Panasonic Group. Each and every employee around the world is implementing environmental activities as a global citizen, and is trying to contribute to regional environment.
Here are examples of such activities.

Panasonic Automotive Systems Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

"Eco-Learning Wat Kotalam Elementary School" Environmental Education Activities

As part of our CSR efforts jointly hosted by Panasonic Thai Group (PTHC, PMRTH, PASAP, PESTH), we are working on eco-learning program for local elementary schools.

This project has been continuing for 10 years, sharing environmental issues, daily 3R eco-tips, and topics related to environmental protection, as well as planting activities in the schoolyard.

"Mangrove tree planting activities" Tree planting activities and environmental education

In fiscal 2019, 475 employees and their families from 18 Panasonic Group companies in the Thai region participated in 1,500 mangrove tree planting activities and hands-on environmental learning activities, with the aim of contributing to and interacting with the local community.

Panasonic Automotive Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

Panasonic Automotive Systems Malaysia (PASMY) regularly hosts eco-CSR activities, contributing to the local community.

"Earth Hour- Bersih Beach" Environmental Education

On March 30, 2019, night walks, interactive games, etc. were held at Bersih Beach as activities for Earth Hour (local time: 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm), raising awareness of climate change and energy saving.
On that day, 120 employees and their families participated in the event.

Local contribution activities

On September 28, 2019, we hosted a community event at local elementary schools as a part of communication activities with the community.

We held interactive games with the theme of "environmental protection", coloring contests, and tree-planting activities.
Total 155 people including employees, their families, teachers, students and the general public participated in the event.

Panasonic Automotive Systems Dalian Co., Ltd. (China)

"Fujiazhuang Coast" cleaning activities

Fujiazhuang Coast, one of the four oldest beaches in Dalian, is a large-scale and has long been known as a familiar beach suitable for families. It is located in the Fujiazhuang Park, which is suitable for walking.

With the aim of conserving marine water resources and the marine environment, the clean-up activity is held in early June in line with the United Nations World Ocean Day by 50 employees and their families participating in the event.

"Green environment voluntary reforestation: Dadonggou Village" Tree planting and environmental education activities

Voluntary environmental tree planting, As part of environmental education for the next generation, we are carrying out tree planting activities.
Thirty employees and their families joined the event, and planted 200 trees in a park in the Dadonggou Village on the outskirts of Dalian.

HMI Systems Business Division Tsuruga area (Fukui prefecture)

"Cleanup Fukui great strategy Kehi no Matsubara" cleaning activities

Every June, Panasonic employees and their families participate in the cleanup activities at "Kehi no Matsubara," one of the three Matsubara in Japan, for coastal conservation activities sponsored by the Tsuruga City/Tsuruga City Charter Promotion Council.
On June 2, 2019, on the first Sunday of Environment Month, a clean-up Fukui great strategy was held in each region of Fukui Prefecture, and a cleaning activity was done at "Kehi no Matsubara" in Tsuruga area, one of the three Matsubara in Japan.

About 1,500 people, including companies, local organizations, junior high school students, and high school students, participated in the event. About 120 of them were Panasonic Group employees, their families, and members of the retirement age group. We mainly picked up drifted wastes on the beach, accumulating three tons (12 tons last year).

We have been participating in the activities of Panasonic Eco Relay Japan since 2013.

Automotive Company Headquarters Yokohama City (Kanagawa Prefecture)

"Tsurumi River Kamoi Takamizu Shiki" Cleaning activities and vegetation conservation activities

We agreed with the purpose of vegetation conservation project of Tsurumi River Kamoi Takamizu Shiki by Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Flood Control Office and residents of Kanagawa prefecture, and carried out cleaning and vegetation conservation activities four times or more in collaboration with Tsurumi River Basin Networking (NPO).

In order to preserve native valuable plants such as barley, we are carrying out weeding and cleanup to protect them from exotic species.

"Clean campaign" cleaning activities

As a labor-management co-sponsored activity, we carry out cleaning activities around the head office on the third Friday of every month.