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June.13, 2012

The “Award JPCA (8th award)” was achieved to the “FELIOS LCP (liquid crystal polymer )” flexible circuit board materials.

Industrial Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation got the “ Award JPCA (8th award )” for the “ FELIOS LCP ” flexible circuit board materials.

This “ Award JPCA ” is awarded to the presenter at the product technology seminar “ NPI (New Product Introduction presentation )”. “ JPCA Show 2012 (International Electronic Circuits Exhibition 42th) is sponsored and operated by Japan Electronic Circuits Association (corporation), and “ Large Electronics Show 2012 ” , “Micro Electronics Show 2012 (the state-of-the art mounting technology and packaging Exhibition 26th) ”, and “ JISSO PROTEC 2012 ( Mounting Process Technology Exhibition 14th ) ” were held at the same time. The “Award JPCA” was founded in 2005 as an award system to the products as well as technologies to contribute to the advancement of electronic-circuit technologies and industry. This year, five applicants were selected among 19 applicants total number of themes.

Related Information

Panasonic will be awarded (seventh career ) consecutive four years : “MEGTRON4” 2009, “ECOOL” 2010, “Halogen-free MEGTRON2” 2011, “MEGTRON GX ( R-1515E) ” 2011.

“FELIOS LCP” is flexible circuit board materials, featuring excellent high-frequency properties and lower transmission loss after moisture absorption. “FELIOS LCP” has been increasingly adopting in high-frequency wiring applications as substitutes for fine coaxial cables used in smart phones, Notebook PCs, and tablet PCs.

We exhibited this product at JPCA Show held in Tokyo Big Site (from June13 to 15, 2012).

<Product name (model number)>
LCP (liquid crystal polymer) flexible circuit board materials “FELIOS LCP” (product number: R-F705 T)

<Main features of “FELIOS LCP”>
(1) Excellent high-frequency properties
(2) Excellent dimensional stability
(3) Excellent peel strength of copper foil
(4) Flame resistance :94VTM‐0

<Main applications of “FELIOS LCP”>
Smart phones (FPC antenna, LCD modules), Notebook PCs, Tablet PCs (high-speed FPC cables), etc.