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July.2, 2012

Automotive applications and multi-touch input with light operating-force

Announcing the release of “the resistive touch panel with light operating-force”

Excellent noise-resistance properties, realizing high-visibility and high-endurance properties

July 2, 2012, Osaka, Japan-Industrial Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing “ the resistive touch panel with multi-touch input by light operating-force ”, suitable for the touch panel used in automotive devices , such as car navigation-systems and car audio-systems.

Related Information

Product name

Transparent resistive touch-panel with light operating-force

Type name

EMU601G2 type

Sample price

To be confirmed individually (depending on specifications and quantities)

Production start

April 2012

Production capacity

Eighty thousand sheets ( converted to 7-inch ) /month

In mobile devices including smart phones and tablet peripherals, multi touch-input operations, such as flicking operations and tracing operations, on the display screen have come into major trend. To meet the market demand, Industrial Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing “ the transparent resistive touch panel with light operating-force ”, realizing multi touch-input by light operating-force. The newly developed touch panel features high reliability including high noise-resistance, high-visibility and high-endurance properties required in the automotive applications. We will commence mass production.


1. High noise-resistance properties of the resistive type, realizing multi-touch input by light operating-force

Operating force: 0.1N (※1)

2. High visibility and high endurance properties


  • Transmittance: 82 % (typical )
  • Reflectance: 11 % (typical ) (※2)
  • Haze: 11 % (typical )


  • Touch endurance: 2.45 N, more than 1 million touches (※1)
  • Sliding endurance: 1N, more than 100 thousand sliding,

contact resistance value; less than 3 kΩ (※1)

(※1) In case measured by silicon rubber with point angle of R 3.75, hardness of 10°to 20°
(※2) Reflectance at light wavelength of 550 nm


Antenna circuits and RF modules in smart phones and car navigation systems,
ESD measures for suppressing noise in high speed signal-lines