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August 28, 2012

Contribute to achieving zero standby power consumption of electronics

Equipped with power-off mode Developed the new PWM control IC for switching power-supply

Osaka, Japan – Industrials Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation has developed the new PWM control IC MIP006 for AC-DC switching power-supply’s to achieve almost zero standby power consumption. The new PWM control IC can contribute to energy-saving power supply of flat-screen TVs, personal computers, and office equipment’s. MIP006 will start mass production in October.

Related Information

This product will contribute to the realization of a zero standby power consumption of 200W electronic device class, and be able to achieve industry-leading low power consumption at light loads such as power-saving mode. In addition, it is possible to realize a highly efficient power saving features of the equipment with battery such as notebook computers by applying to the peak shift function.


  1. This control IC is equipped with a power-off mode to reduce current consumption of about 94% in standby mode, it was achieved standby power consumption of less than 3mW. MIP006 can be contributing to the realization of a zero standby power consumption of electronic equipment.
  2. This control IC is to achieve over 80% power efficiency and industry-leading light-load input power of 0.5W , MIP006 contributes to the low power consumption of electronic equipment.
  3. By integrating a lot of necessary functions for power-supply of electronic equipment to energy-saving, MIP006 is enabling up to 20% reduction in the number of external components, MIP006 Make a contribution to design simplification and downsizing of power-supply.

New technology

  1. Technology to achieve low power consumption of the IC circuit at power off-mode.
  2. New intermittent oscillation control technology to achieve high efficiency at light load and suppression buzzing transformer
  3. Built-in X-capacitor discharge technology and high breakdown voltage technology to extend the range of the operating voltage of the IC control.

Market Trend

In recent years, such as the energy regulation (ErP) of Europe, the demand for power saving has become stricter every year, there is a need to reduce standby power consumption. In addition, high power efficiency is required at the time of normal operation and light load, conventional control IC for power-supply become difficult to corresponding of such power saving regulation. In the market for electronic equipment has been required for the switching power supply control IC can contribute to energy saving such power.

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