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August 31, 2012

Suitable for power conditioners of photovoltaic power-generation

Announcing the release of “the film capacitor for power electronics”

Built-in safety structure, realizing long life and high safety

August 30, 2012, Osaka, Japan-Industrial Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing “ the film capacitor for power electronics ”, realizing long life and high safety. Newly developed film capacitors are suitable for input filters as well as DC smoothing circuits used in inverter power-supplies such as power conditioners of photovoltaic power-generation.

Related Information

Product name

DC film capacitors for inverters

Series name

DC-Link EZPE series

Production start

September 2012

Sample price

800 yen/piece

Production capacity


Recently, in photovoltaic power-generation systems continuing the rapid-high growth,DC voltage power-generated by solar-cell modules is converted to AC voltage (available for home-use) through inverter power-supplies called “ power conditioner ”. In these power conditioners, a lot of capacitors are used as noise-removing filters and DC smoothing circuits. We have been mass-producing the film capacitors for inverters HEV/EV and received high appreciation from the market, and have commercialized the film capacitors for power electronics, featuring long life and high safety, and will commence mass-production.


1. High withstand voltage film and new evaporating electrode, realizing long life

Life (expected): 100,000 hours Approx. 5 times compared with our current models (※)(equivalent to approx. 25 years as power conditioners of photovoltaic power-generation)

2. Our original pattern-evaporating electrode, improving safety

Built-in safety-structure, improving safety

3. Wide voltage range and wide capacitance range, available for wide needs

Rated voltage range: 500 V(DC) to 1300 V(DC)
Rated capacitance range: 10 μF to 110μF

(※)Our current models: Capacitors for electrical apparatus (used in motor-running circuits of home appliances etc.)


Inverter power-supplies ( for input filter and DC smoothing circuits), such as Photovoltaic power-generation systems, Wind power-generation systems, Uninterruptible power supplies ( UPS), Industrial DC motor-drivers,