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September 25, 2012

Realizing SHG unit (※2) with approx. 2 cc volume, featuring high optical-output of 1 W

Announcing the release of “the 1W green laser unit smallest in the world (※1)“

Contributing to downsizing the high luminance micro-projector etc.

(※1) Our investigation of the Green SHG laser unit with 1 W output as of September 25, 2012
(※2) SHG: Second Harmonic Generation

Out line

September 25, 2012, Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Precision Devices Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing “ the Green SHG laser unit with 1W optical-output (Watt class) smallest in the world (※1) ”, suitable for the high luminance micro-projector etc.

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Recently, with the increasing need of the high luminance micro-projector small in size and light in weight, using LED or laser as a light source, the green laser light-source featuring smaller size and higher output has been strongly required. Panasonic Precision devices Co., Ltd. has developed “ the Green SHG laser unit with 1W optical-output and small size (approx. 2 cc in volume), which is mountable on micro-projectors in a promising market ”. Newly developed laser units will be exhibited for reference in Panasonic devices booth in “ CEATEC JAPAN 2012 ” held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture on October 2 to 6.


  1. High optical-output of 1 W with smallest size in the industry, realizing the small and high output units, and the high luminance of 100 lumens level with micro-projector
  2. Highest conversion efficiency from electricity to green light in the world (※1), contributing to saving power of units
  3. Stable and high optical-output green laser can be generated by highly dignified optical design-technology, realizing the high performance unit


We have succeeded in developing this new green laser unit by the following technologies.

  1. Developing technology of the wave-length conversion element to improve temperature characteristics
  2. Uniformity-Improving technology of the wave-length conversion element to reduce decrement of laser light
  3. Optical design-technology to lase stably with high optical-output.

【Traditional systems】

Although the small laser unit (used in light source of micro-projector) with approx. 40 lumens in luminance has been popular, there has been an increasing need for improving luminance in the market.


Sample production start: January 2013, Sample price: To be confirmed individually (depending on specifications and quantities)

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