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November 5, 2012

Industry's first(※1) NFC-tag LSI with built-in serial interfaces based on both JISX6319-4 (FeliCa(※2)) and ISO/IEC14443 TypeB

NFC-tag LSI Connecting an NFC-enable Mobile Terminal to Various Applications Commercialized

Best suited for applications enabling data communication with mobile terminal

November 5, 2012, Osaka, Japan -Industrial Devices Company , Panasonic Corporation has commercialized an LSI for NFC tag, which connects NFC[1]-enable smartphone, tablet PC, and other mobile terminals to various applications.

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Product name


Part No.

MN63Y1208, MN63Y1210

Shipment of sample

Started in October, 2012

Price of sample

Depends on the amount of your order

Production quantity/month

1 million or more

NFC is now the most remarkable short-range wireless communication technology, allowing for anyone to perform data communication only by "passing over."
As NFC-enable mobile terminals increase, it is highly demanded that flexibility to implement NFC tag into applications be improved and NFC communication featuring fast response and high safety be used. In order to meet such demands, this LSI enables stable communication with low-power consumption and improves the flexibility. In addition, this LSI supports high communication speed and for the first time in the industry ensures safety during AES encryption[2] communication(※1), achieving faster and safer NFC communication applications.


1. Built-in our original fast, low-power FeRAM[3] that allows stable communication

Over 600 million FeRAM chips have been shipped for public IC card or other fields.

2. High-security with access restriction by encrypted communication path and authentication

Industry's first(※1) AES encryption that prevents data leak in NFC communication. Authenticating the device with which you are communicating during NFC communication prevents access from spoofed device.

3. Supports Tunnel communication mode, enabling fast high-capacity data communication.

Easily implements handover[4] during high-capacity data communication.
Enables access to a crowd server from the microcontroller of application through NFC communication.

4. Automatic NFC communication standard switching to meet worldwide market demand

Compatible with both JISX6319-4 (FeliCa(※2)) and ISO/IEC14443 TypeB for the first time in the industry(※1) and automatically switchable communication protocol between these standards, allowing a single application to be sold worldwide.

※1 Based on our own research as of November 5, 2012 as an NFC-tag LSI with built-in RF and serial interfaces.
※2 "FeliCa" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.


Audio-Visual, health and medical, OA, car electronics, and other devices

Description of Terms

[1] NFC (Near Field Communication)
NFC is the short-range wireless communication, which uses 13.56-MHz frequency.
As international standards, ISO/IEC18092, ISO/IEC14443, and ISO/IEC15693 have been established.
Based on the international standards, NFC Forum develops specifications for implementing a tag or other uses.
Sometimes, these standards and technologies are collectively called "NFC."

[2] AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard)
A standard encryption method developed by U.S. government.
Its safety is widely acknowledged and it is one of encryption methods used even in Internet access.

[3] FeRAM
Non-volatile memory element that uses switching of atoms, featuring fast writes, low-power, and high-immunity to rewrites.

[4] Handover
A protocol between devices, enabling faster data communication to perform high-capacity data communication