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November 20, 2012

Suitable for realizing the home network server in the age of cloud computing

Announcing the release of “the system LSI PH1-Pro4 for high quality and multi-channel distribution”

Possible to start sample shipments from November 2012

November 20, 2012, Osaka, Japan-Industrial Devices Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing “ the system LSI PH1-Pro4 (model number: MN2WSO230 series) for high quality and multi-channel distribution”, which is possible simultaneously to compress and play back VGA images 12 streams or full HD images three streams with a single-chip first in the world ※1 . Fast dual-core CPU (ARM(R)※2 Cortex(TM)※2-A9 Dual) as well as our original fast parallel media processor IPP3 are embedded on newly developed LSI. We will start sample shipments from November 2012.

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The use of this product is possible to realize a home server that can simultaneously view different images of such as multiple TVs, smart-phones, tablet PCs. In addition, this product is also able to be applied to a variety of cloud products such as security monitoring systems, digital signages, and contributes to expanding the cloud services.


This product has the following features.

  1. The newly developed LSI is possible to transfer the contents of VGA images 12 streams or full HD images three streams, such as images of TV, recorder, distributed images through Internet, input images from a camera, with compressed in realtime, meeting to the display you want to see, and then applicable to a home server.
  2. This product is possible to transfer images adjusting in real time, continuously, according to the bandwidth or network congestion, and also transfer the best quality images continuously, and then, applicable to live-performance communication equipment of full HD as well as transcoder equipment in cloud servers.
  3. This product is possible to recognize images accurately in real time due to the precise and high-speed image-recognition technology, and then, applicable to the security monitoring systems, the safety driving support-systems fitted to the road conditions, the high-intuitive user interfaces, and the ultra-sonic image application.
  4. This product is possible to reproduce and display of 4K2K 30p images with a single chip first in the world ※1 and then, applicable to high-quality digital signage using large display・high-precise panel.


We have succeeded in developing this LSI by the following technologies.

  1. The technology to decompress and compress hull HD images simultaneously, the control technology to change the number of systems of simultaneous processing depending on the image size, and the technology to vary compression rate to distribute the reproduced images according to the state of the communication terminal or the communication channel.
  2. The compression technology at the low-bit-rate with high quality-images, and the band width compression-technology at low-latency, that have been cultivated by the blue-ray disc TM ※3 recorders.
  3. The image-recognition technology in which parallel-media processing processor (IPP3) and parallel-data computing processor (DPP2) with high-performance hardware, and Panasonic original software with standard API (Open CV) including real-time face recognition and object detection.
  4. The decompression technology to support 4K2K 30p image, and the video-processing technology to up-convert full HD video into 4K2K to display.


Sample shipment start: November 2012, Sample price: to be confirmed individually (depending on quantities)

(※ 1) Our investigation of LSI for image-record and distribution supporting full HD, as of November 20, 2012
(※ 2) “ARM” or “Cortex” is a registered trade mark or a trade mark of ARM England
(※ 3) “ Blu-ray(TM) ” or “ Blu-ray Disc(TM)”, or “ Blu-ray 3D(TM) ” is a trade mark of Blu-ray Disc Association.