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April 23, 2013

Most suitable for industrial, home appliances, automotive and energy-related devices of limited production volume

Our "Analog Master Slice Service" starts.

This service helps realize easy and speedy development of high-performance analog custom IC.

pril 23, 2013, Osaka, Japan - Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation starts a new service, "Analog Master Slice Service," to support customers to develop analog custom IC.

Related Information

Product Name

Analog Master Slice Service

Name of Series

AN940/AN950 series

Service Starts

April 2013

Development Fee and Price

Upon individual negotiation

Wafer fabrication and packaging Period

A minimum of 2 weeks after a layout design is completed (normally 3 weeks)

Monthly / Trial Production Volume

1,000 pieces or more / 60 pieces or more
(We can also coordinate for pilot samples.)

"Analog Master Slice Service" is a service to provide analog custom IC by patterning circuits designed by customers onto a wafer where bipolar transistor, resistor, capacitors and other devices are mounted in an array arrangement. This service especially is to respond to those manufacturers who wish to design their own circuitry of custom IC in order to have competitive advantage products performance, to keep confidentiality of own technology and product information, to shorten development period, and to stabilize product quality. In response to these requests from customers, we will start this new service called "Analog Mater Slice Service" which realizes an easy, speedy and low-cost circuit designing for your custom IC while maintaining its high level of quality and performance.


1. Realize speedy development

Adopted the industry's first*10.8μm 14V complementary BiCMOS[1] process containing the industry's largest number of basic elements*1. This will contribute to enhance flexibility in designing analog custom IC, reduce parts counts, and shorten the circuit designing period. We will provide you with engineering samples in a minimum of 2 weeks (normally three weeks) after the layout design is completed.

2. Reduce power consumption of your circuit

Integlating of bipolar transistor and digital circuit of stable high frequency characteristics will contribute to develop a high performance and high quality analog custom IC.

3. Design environment and process design kits can be chosen from 3 EDA vendors.

OrCAD/PSpice*2, Gateway*3, Virtuoso Analog Design Environment*4 are available as Process design kit (PDK) [2].

4. This service offers small-lot production and use of only a trial production.

*1 Panasonic's survey conducted on analog master slice mounted with bipolar transistor as of April 23 , 2013.
*2 OrCAD and PSpice are registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. OrCAD products and support services are provided by CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD. in Japan.
*3 Gateway is a product of Silvaco, Inc. and distributed by SILVACO Japan Co., Ltd. in Japan.
*4 Virtuoso Analog Design Environment is a product of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and distributed by Japan Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in Japan.


Small-sized analog custom IC adopted for various devices in limited production volume.