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Jun 11, 2013

Achieving the long life of LED lamp by suppressing discoloration caused by the heat

Announcing the release of thermosetting plastic molding-materials,"FULL BRIGHT *1 "

LED reflector materials, increasing reflection of light under the high temperature environment for a long term

June 10, 2013, Osaka Japan-Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing thermosetting plastic molding-materials "FULL BRIGHT*1" (model number: CE6000W), featuring the excellent reflection of light under the high temperature environment for a long term and used for white light LED reflectors.

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Product Name

Thermosetting plastic molding materials "FULL BRIRHT*1 "

Model number


Sample production

May 2013

Production start

The latter half of the year 2013


To be confirmed individually (depending on quantities)

As brightness of LED have become to be brighter, nylon-based resin which is usually used for back light of a illuminator or a LCD monitor has a problem that light reflectance goes down and brightness lowers due to discoloration caused by the light and the heat from LED. For LED reflectors of bellow 2.0W class, we have succeeded in developing thermosetting plastic molding-materials "FULL BRIGHT*1 (model number: CE6000W)" used for LED reflectors, and will start sample production. Newly developed materials are able to maintain excellent light reflectance under the high temperature and UV environment for a longer term than reflector materials made from nylon-based resin. In future, we would like to expand their applications up to LED lamp having a medium and high brightness, the backlight of LCD monitor, industrial machines, out door applications including vehicles.


Suppressing discoloration of reflector materials and keeping high light-reflectance, contributing to improving long term-reliability of LED lamp

1. Light reflectance: more than 85% after the high temperature environment-testing for a long term (150°C, 1000 hours)

Our current models CE6000*2 : more than 75%, less than 70% (nylon based resin*3)

2.Light reflectance: 93% after the high temperature and UV environment-testing for a long term (under UV environment, 140°C, 1000 hours)

Our current models*2: 87%, : less than 50% (nylon based resin*3)

*1 "FULL BRIGHT" is Panasonic company's trade mark
*2 Our current models: Thermosetting plastic molding materials "FULL BRIGHT" (model number:CE6000)
*3 Our trial products


We will exhibit newly developed materials at "LED Lighting Taiwan 2013" held in Nankoh Tenrankan located in Taipei World Trading Center (from June 18 to 20, 2013).


LED lamps, LED backlights of including TVs/notebook PCs, Industrial machines, outdoor applications including vehicles, in which medium or high brightness LED is used