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Aug 5, 2013

Achieving "visualization of power" contributing to saving energy and "power-quality monitoring", keeping production efficiency of factories

Announcing the release of the simple wattmeter "the Advanced Type of Eco- POWER METER® KW9M"

Featuring the power-quality measuring-function (newly developed) with the measuring accuracy (active power: 0.5 %) highest level in the industry (*1)

(*1) Our investigation of the simple wattmeter to save energy (except official approval meters and electronic multi-indicating measuring instruments), as of August, 5, 2013

August, 5, 2013, Kasugai, Japan-Panasonic Devices Company-SUNX has succeeded in commercializing "the Advanced Type of Eco-POWER METER ® KW9M", achieving the measuring accuracy (active power: 0.5 %) highest level in the industry (* 1), and featuring the power-quality measuring-function including distortion (newly developed). Newly developed Eco-POWER METER KW9M (a power meter) is installed in production facilities or switchboards to realize "visualization of power" contributing to saving energy, and "power-quality monitoring" contributing to preventing equipment-troubles and maintaining, keeping production efficiency of factories. We will put this new product KW9M on the market as a simple power meter from August 1, 2013.

Related Information

Product name

KW9M Eco- POWER METER® Advanced Type

Series name

KW9M series

Model number


Production start

August 1, 2013

With the increasing activities of saving energy in all fields of a society, the needs for measuring and grasping of subdivided power-consumption (each factory, floor, facility) to achieve more saving energy have been required increasingly in factories, offices, and stores etc. And also, many customers have a target of power reduction of several percent, and the needs for fine accuracy measurements to decrease the slight errors to infinite zero have been required. There has been a need for preventing and maintaining equipment before equipment-troubles caused by deterioration of the power-quality occur. To meet the market need, Panasonic Devices Company-SUNX has succeeded in commercializing "the Advanced Type of Eco-POWER METER ® KW9M" featuring the power-quality measuring-function (newly developed) with the high measuring-accuracy highest level in the industry.


1. High measuring-accuracy, contributing to piling up the power reduction of several percent and to promoting saving-energy activities

High accuracy measurement highest in the industry(*1)
Current/voltage: 0.2 %, active power: 0.5 %
(Our current models(*2) , current/voltage:0.5 %, active power: 1 %)

2.Measuring power quality, contributing to preventing and maintaining equipment, keeping production efficiency

(1) Measuring power quality including THD (total higher-harmonic distortion) and unbalanced factor of voltage/current
(2) Prior-alarming function before power-quality troubles occur
(3) Easy detecting damaged portions at eventual equipment troubles, realizing early solutions

3.Suppressing peak demand, contributing to reducing the energy charge

Demand-measuring function applicable in power-demand calculating-methods in Japan and abroad

(*2) Our current models: KW9M Eco- POWER METER® Standard Type (model number: AKW91110)


Visualization of power consumption targeting for saving energy and power monitoring
[factories, offices, stores, infrastructures (high way, railroad), theme parks, power facilities other public facilities, etc.]
Measures against damages caused by higher harmonics, unbalanced voltage [facilities installing microcomputers, makers using motors]