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Oct 25, 2013

Industry's First*1 1440 dpi High-Resolution creating High-Definition prints with Offset Printing Quality

Panasonic Releases High Resolution Line Head Modules for Commercial Digital Printers

Contributing to the expansion of applicable fields for Commercial Digital Printers

Osaka, Japan -Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation, has successfully developed a Line Head Module which allows Commercial Digital Printers to produce superior high-resolution prints at a quality with Offset Printing Quality. Deliveries of these modules to Printer Manufacturers will commence in Q1 CY2014. Digital Printing is already capable of handling small volume lots, high variety and short turnaround applications, but this development will allow for its applicability to expand into other fields.

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Product name

Line Head Module for Commercial Digital Printers

Series name

UH-HB800 Series

Mass Production Starts

Q1, CY2014

Mass Production Capacity


The diversification of print media has seen an increase in the need for the ability to handle small volume lots, high variety and short turnaround times. Digital Commercial Printing is able to handle these kinds of applications because unlike Offset Printing, it is able to print directly from computer data without needing to create plates. However, in order for Digital Printing to be useful in applications where Analog Printing methods are employed, such as for catalogs and flyers, we needed to improve its print quality and resolution to match the quality produced by Analog Printing methods such as Offset Printing.

This is the Industry’s First*1 Piezo Line Head Module, giving Digital Printing the capability of printing at the 1440×1440 dpi high-resolution standard with Offset Printing Quality. It also employs a new drive system and revised internal structure, enabling printing at a speed of 105m per minute. Now that Digital Printing is able to produce high quality prints such as Offset Printing Quality, it can now be used in applications that have until now been the domain of Analog Printing.


1.Industry's First*1 high quality printing at 1440×1440 dpi resolution made possible

2.High Speed Printing at 105m per minute even at 1440×1440 dpi

3.Satellite Dot Reduction and Perfect Circle Dots enable the clear printing of fine detail

*1 Industry's First Piezo Line Head Module as of 25 Oct 2013, Internal Research


Line Head Modules for Commercial Digital Printers