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Apr 1, 2014

The smallest connector in the industry, contributing to offering more flexibility to design of wearable devices

The product line expansion of the new series of Narrow-pitch connectors used for wearable and mobile devices

And also providing the connectors available for high-speed transmission needed for tablet PCs to the market

April 1, 2014, Osaka Japan-Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporations has succeeded in commercialization the Narrow-pitch connector smallest in the industry and will start to sell from April 2014. Newly developed connectors contribute to offering more flexibility to design of wearable devices and are available for high-speed transmission in devices, including tablet PCs and note-book PCs.

Related Information

Product name

Narrow-pitch connector

Series name

S35 series

P4S shield type

Production start

April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014


Wearable devices
Smart phones

Tablet PCs
Note-book PCs

Wearable devices have been attractive as a brand-new device followed by smart phones, have commercialized for a variety of applications, and have been expected to have come into wider use since 2014. Tablet PCs or note-book PCs have become to feature higher transmission speed for example USB3.1 as well as higher performance. To meet the market demand, adding to the product used for module-connection application, we will newly add "Narrow-pitch connector S35 series smallest in the industry contributing to offering more flexibility to design of wearable devices as well as to having higher performance" and "Narrow-pitch connector P4S shield type" available for higher speed transmission needed for tablet PCs and note-book PCs” newly line-up as a new product.


Narrow-pitch connector S35 series (0.35 mm pitch)

High contact-reliability and operability although the product width is 1.7 mm (smallest in the industry(*1) ), contributing to offering more flexibility to design of devices and to having higher performance

<Applications> Connection between a variety of modules in such as wearable devices and smart phones

Narrow-pitch connector P4S shield type (0.4 mm pitch)

Multi ground-terminal structure with shielding plate, decreasing the radiation noise and available for the need for high-speed transmission of such as tablet PCs

<Applications> High-speed connections inside of small and high performance-digital devices, including tablet PCs,
           note-book PCs, digital video cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras

* Our investigation of the mass produced connectors with bellows-type contact and double contact structure as of April 1, 2014.