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June 23, 2014

Achieving the high-speed optical fiber-connection in devices by using the same method as usual electric connectors

Announcing the release of "The Active Optical connector" used for high-speed bi-directional transmission first in the industry (*1)

Achieving the electric isolation easily, including measuring instruments and medical equipment

June, 23, 2014, Osaka, Japan - Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation has succeeded in commercializing "the Active Optical Connector" first in the industry (*1) , which is suitable for installing in devices and able to transmit optically in two-way the large capacity and high-speed data. We will start to sell from July 1, 2014.

Related Information

Product name

Active Optical Connector

Model number

Plug: AYG4V1A065M1 (1m cable type)
Receptacle: AXK6S20447M1

Transmission mode

20 Mbps to 6 Gbps. Bi-direction, 1channel

Sample production

July 1, 2014

Sample price

Plug: 8,000 yen (1m cable type)
Receptacle: 250 yen/piece

Recently, as high-performance measuring instruments, medical equipment, FA equipment, industrial printing machines etc. have become to process the data of high-definition pictures in high speed, higher-speed data-transmission in units and module units in devices have been required. As the optical data-transmission produces electric isolation between boards and modules, it is more effectively in medical equipment and measuring instruments, in which directly-contacting with human-body is needed. And also, it is useful data transmission method in FA equipment, in which the high-speed transmission is required under the severe environment with full of noises. We have succeeded in commercializing "the Active Optical Connector", which is able to transmit the data in devices through the optical fiber. The electric-optic conversion function is installed in a small plug, which enables the same connection as usual electric connector, and high connection-reliability and easy handling is achieved.


1. Data transmission through an optical fiber, achieving high-speed and wide data rate

Data rate: 20 Mbps to 6Gps Maximum cable length: 5m

2. Installing the electric-optic conversion function in a small plug, enable to connect using the same method as usual electric connecters

3. Easy noise suppressing method in high-speed signal transmission and electrically isolated easily

Achieving high-speed sampling in measuring instruments and easy electric insulation method in medical

(*1) Our investigation of bi-directional active optical connectors used for built-in devices as of June 23, 2014. 


Signal connection between built-in units and modules, used in devices, such as measuring instruments, medical equipment, FA equipment, industrial printing machines For example: between camera units and picture-processing boards etc.