The Panasonic Brand Identity

The Panasonic Brand Identity is defined by the Brand Promise, Brand Slogan and Brand Value. We will contribute to a better life, the evolution of society and the future of our planet by practicing these principles.

Corporate Brand

Corporate Brand (Panasonic)

Brand Promise

The promise which the Panasonic brand makes to customers

Panasonic is committed tocreating a better lige and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

Brand Slogan

The slogan that concisely expresses the brand promise

A Better Life, A Better World

Brand Value

The value which Company employees must strive to create in order to fulfill the brand promise

Visionary:We continually create new value with a constant awareness of emerging trends and global issues such as the environment, exceeding customers' expectations through our creativity and ingenuity. Refined:We continually strive to translate our vision into quality products and services that enable customers to live the life they aspire to. Trusted:We build solid relationships with customers by providing value that truly satisfies.