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Panasonic’s Energy Solution for areas without access to electricity.

Off-grid communities around the world facing difficulty

There still remain off-grid communities around the world, where about 17% of the world’s population*1 live without access to electricity or a stable power source. Without lights at night or access to necessary electrical facilities, residents of these areas face educational, medical, and public safety issues.
*1 Source: World Energy Outlook 2015 issued by the International Energy Agency

World’s off-grid communities: population and ratio

Asia approx 526 million people/14%, Middle East approx 17 million people/8%, Africa approx 635 million people/57%, Latin America approx 22 million people/5%

Prepared by Panasonic based on the World Energy Outlook 2015 issued by the International Energy Agency

Contributions to resolving issues in off-grid communities with energy technologies

Panasonic is providing solutions to off-grid communities by utilizing its long-established energy technologies.

Eneloop Solar Storage*2 in Myanmar

In the Bagan ruins of Myanmar, there are over 3,000 pagodas and temples spread across the wide plain. Their glorious view attracts tourists around the world. However, there are off-grid communities around these ruins, where people have no access to electricity. Kerosene lamps, rechargeable lanterns and diesel generators are used at night, but these light sources caused health problems due to the emission of smoke, failed to provide the necessary illuminance, and generated high running costs. Panasonic launched a joint project with UNESCO in December 2015 and donated 500 Eneloop Solar Storage lanterns to about 40 schools around the Bagan ruins. This project aims to provide children, who will be major players in the community as part of the next generation, with a well-lit environment that helps them study. Students, who used to study in dark classrooms in bad weather or in the evening, were delighted that the light made blackboards and textbooks more visible. Teachers complimented us with a smile, stating that children have been able to concentrate more in class and their learning attitudes have changed.

Photo: Eneloop solar storage
Fully charges in about 5 hours on fine days with a high-efficiency solar panel. It can provide light for approximately 5 - 24 hours with the provided LED.
Photo: Representatives from Myanmar, UNESCO, and Panasonic at a press conference
Announcement of the launch of joint educational support programs with UNESCO for the next generation in off-grid communities in Myanmar.

Power Supply Container in Indonesia

A Power Supply Container was installed on an Indonesian remote island aiming to improve the educational environment, where people suffer frequent power blackouts that make difficult to rely on electricity. The Karimunjawa Island is off-grid during the daytime and electricity is provided only in the evening by a diesel-powered generator. At the elementary school there, efforts have been made to provide a better learning environment by supplying the necessary electricity to key facilities with a Power Supply Container.
Surplus electricity is supplied to neighboring communities to help achieve a more stable electricity supply. The Power Supply Container contributes to the solution of diverse social issues, including educational and work environment, by providing an environment where the people in the town have easier access to electricity.

Power Supply Container

Electricity generated by 12 solar panels will be stored in 24 storage batteries for efficient electricity use.
“Power Supply Container”

Solar lanterns*2 in Myanmar, India, Kenya, etc.

In off-grid communities in Myanmar, India and Kenya, Panasonic has been promoting a project to deliver 100,000 solar lanterns.
LED lanterns powered by solar electricity are lighting schools, hospitals and community centers at night. We donated over 60,000 lanterns in 17 countries as of the end of March 2016 and are planning to donate a total of 100,000 lanterns over seven years until the end of fiscal 2018.

Photo: A solar lantern
Stores solar electricity in the storage battery and uses it for lighting at night.
Children studying hard at night school,Enables health checks of pregnant and birthing women in nighttime.

100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project to donate solar lanterns to areas without electricity around the world

100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project

*2 We don’t have any plans to sell Eneloop Solar Storage and Solar lanterns in Japan (as of March 2016).

Energy Solutions That Change the World

Panasonic is promoting a broad range of projects, making it its mission to enrich the lives of people around the world by giving everyone easy access to electricity. Panasonic’s energy solutions will further expand their sphere, including the launch of a system for providing a stable electricity supply to bank ATMs. The objective of all of our efforts is to make the lives of people currently without electricity more comfortable and convenient.

A Better Life, A Better World