Business Segments

Since the establishment of its headquarters in 1918, Panasonic has grown to become a widely known company that now occupies a significant share of the Japanese market as a comprehensive electronics manufacturer. Its different business areas have been divided into four Companies that work in close collaboration with each one of the Group’s domestic and overseas affiliates to expand manufacturing, sales, and service activities as well as pursue growth strategies. Panasonic is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. It will continue to tackle the challenges of the next 100 years to achieve “a better life” and “a better world” for all.

Appliances Company

The Appliances Company is in charge of developing, producing, and selling a large variety of products in the appliance field. This endeavor includes a BtoC business that handles white goods, AV home appliances, beauty and health products, etc., as well as BtoB business that looks after commercial heating and cooling appliances, devices, energy products, etc. The Appliance Company offers a wide range of products to cater to the various needs of its customers in home, office, and commercial environments.

<Our Products>
●For Consumer/Audio-Video Consumer Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, Beauty & Healthcare, Air Conditioners, etc.
●For Business/Commercial AC, Commercial Showcases, Fuel Cells, Electrical Components, etc.

Eco Solutions Company

The Eco Solutions Company is taking advantage of technologies cultivated up to now to create a comfortable environment and provide energy control for people's homes and non-residential spaces such as commercial buildings and public areas. While alleviating discomforts, the company’s solutions realize a space where its customers can live in a pleasant environment.

<Our Products>
●For Consumer/Home Energy Management Systems, Solar Power Generation Systems, LED/Lighting Fixtures, Wiring Devices, Kitchen Systems, Bathroom Systems, Toilet Facilities, etc.
●For Business/Solar Power Generation Systems, Energy Storage Systems, Lighting Fixtures, Electrical Construction Materials, Home Building Products and Materials, Nursing Care Equipment & Services, etc.

Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

The Automotive & Industrial Systems Company is developing a global BtoB solution business that includes automotive infotainment related equipment, automotive electronics, batteries, electronic devices, semiconductors etc. As part of these activities, we always think about each and every customer at the end and want to deliver "BtoBtoC" solutions to all customers, not just "BtoB".

<Our Products>
●For Consumer/Car Navigation Systems, Batteries, etc.
●For Business/Automotive Systems, Batteries, Electronic Devices, etc.

Connected Solutions Company

The Connected Solutions Company tackles the six priority business areas, namely "Distribution," "Logistics," "Entertainment," "Public," "Avionics," and "Manufacturing," with IoT solutions and high-quality products equipped with advanced technologies and through its efforts ranging from product development and manufacturing to solution development. We increased sales, expanded system integration, and provided "connection value" to BtoB customers.

<Our Products>
●For Consumer/Digital Still Cameras, Digital Movie Cameras, Cordless Phones, Video Intercom Systems, Notebook PCs, SD Memory Cards, etc.
●For Business/Broadcast & Professional AV Systems, Security Cameras, Commercial Terminals, Avionics Products, Social Infrastructure Systems, etc.

Business Innovation Division Business Innovation Division

As an organization that formulates high-growth business models and gathers groupwide resources in order to tackle new businesses, the Business Innovation
Division is in charge of creating service-oriented businesses as well as business opportunities based on IoT and AI technologies.

Technology Innovation Division Technology Innovation Division

The mission of the Technology Innovation Division is to contribute to business through technological innovations. It is pursuing research, aiming to become the world’s top corporate laboratory by (1) developing the most advanced and original technologies, (2) contributing to corporate growth, and (3)
establishing a global presence.

Corporate Production Engineering Division Corporate Production Engineering Division

The mission of the Corporate Production Engineering Division is to contribute to the management of the Business Divisions by spurring manufacturing innovation through outstanding production technology capabilities. It achieves breathtaking and inspiring manufacturing through the development and integration of technologies and expertise, while aiming at becoming a production technology group that“ gives shape to thoughts.”