How to Apply

If you apply for a job in Panasonic, please submit your resume to the Panasonic organization in your area or country. You may also find our recruiting events schedule in your region, welcome to meet us in person on such an event.


Q1. What is the interview process?


While our hiring criteria are virtually identical worldwide, there are some differences in the interview process for different positions and different regional offices. One thing that does not change, however, is that every candidate go through several interviews with our Human Resource staff and hiring managers. In the interviews, we focus on your resume and motivation, and also we will introduce you to what our actual work environment is like.

Q2. Do you offer internship opportunities?


Yes, we provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and creativity both for your own personal development and for the future success of Panasonic.

You can find internship program information on each regional website.

Please clarify where you would like to work as an intern.

Q3. How can I apply for Panasonic in Japan?


If you are currently a student and don’t have work experience, please apply through our website:

If you are currently working and/or have some work experience, please check if there are any positions suited for you and apply to it through our website: