What is the Concierge?

Your partner in discovering new dreams as an adult

Being a “re-life concierge” is all about helping people who are embarking on a new stage of life resolve their issues and concerns while turning their dreams and aspirations into reality. Do you want to achieve your dream of living in the country, enjoy an interest or hobby to the fullest, or resolve the challenges of providing nursing care? Please tell us about your needs so that we can help you reinvent your life and create a better tomorrow.

Renovation and remodeling
Proposing ways to achieve your dream lifestyle

In addition to helping resolve your concerns and worries about your renovation project, we can help you discover your ideal lifestyle while introducing a variety of examples.

Real estate
Introducing used homes and offering advice about the process of selling a house

We can offer advice about every aspect of real estate, including by providing information about properties throughout the Kinki region and proposals for utilizing assets.

Financial planning
Addressing concerns about money

We can offer advice about topics including loan simulation, asset management, and insurance coverage.

Support for life as a senior
Supporting the elderly and their families

Let us introduce support services for seniors along with information about nursing care.

Consultations on interiors and furnishing

We diagnose your ideal interior style to help make your dream home a reality. We can also provide advice on selecting furniture, curtains, and other items.

We also have lots of information.

We offer a large selection of not only pamphlets about home-related topics, but also lifestyle magazines and books. Let us back you up with a wealth of information as you strive to give shape to your dream home through a process of study and discovery.

Concierge Service Experience Floor

A library where you can explore your dreams and concerns

Let’s note help desk for notebook computers

Lumix digital camera hands-on experience and advice

Technics Audio system hands-on experience