Re-Life Lab

Re-Life Lab

An Experimental Space to Co-create Comfort

What if you could adjust the scenery seen from your window to your preferences?
What if you could enjoy the sound and breezes of that scenery?
What if you could enjoy such scenery anywhere, in your office lounge or at home?
How would this change your moods?

The Re-Life Lab combines Panasonic's visual, acoustic, and air current technologies in an experimental space to create diverse scenes.
The spatial controls can be used to experience relaxing or exciting spaces, to create new experiential value to be shared together with customers.

Main spatial control technology

1. High brightness multi-display

Three displays together form a virtual window.
Scenery appears as stunningly real and dazzlingly bright.

2. Built-in sound system

The sound environment is tuned to match the room.
Let the finest in aural pleasure wash over you.

3. Air current control technology

The air currents feel like they are coming straight from the display.
Experience the very air of the scenery inside the room.

Find What You Like, What Other People Like

The Re-Life Lab measures your expressions and heart rate during your experience, and analyzes the information to identify the settings you enjoy most.
The results can give you ideas about your own quirks, like what sort of room is best to concentrate in or to relax in. We also hold a co-creation program to develop new technologies based on your measurement data. You're welcome to step in and give it a try.

1. Spatial experience

This is a basic program for you to experience spatial controls. Select your preferred environment, like a forest or a coast, to spend time in. Find what sort of place feels best for you. You can also use this as a space to refresh yourself.

  • Time required: Around 10 minutes
  • Number of people: 1 to 5

2. Spatial sensibility analysis

The sensors analyze your sense reactions from your facial expressions in the space you experience, creating a results sheet you can take home with you. In addition, this is a co-creation program where you can participate in Panasonic's product testing and Panasonic will use the data for technology development.

  • Time required: Around 20 minutes
  • Number of people: 1 to 2