A café where you can find ideas for your new lifestyle through food.
The café serves fresh homemade cheese along with hot sandwiches.
Workshops and seminars by producers and chefs are regularly held in the café. Locally grown food is selected, and the tableware used here are designed to help reduce plastic garbage. In these ways, the café gives new ideas for an environmentally friendly way of eating.


Points Re-Life ON THE TABLE is committed to

The wonderful taste of locally grown food

Many of the ingredients we use are grown by local farmers in a plentiful natural environment.
Experience the freshness of this land both heart and soul.

Enjoy homemade food

Bake bread, roast meat, bring the homemade taste to your dinner table for simple yet delicious meals every day.

Find something you like

You're sure to find something you like at our events packed with lifestyle ideas.
Come on and find something just for you.

Small but important steps for
the environment

We serve food in cups and dishes that are environmentally friendly.
This is to ensure a future where we can continue to enjoy our everyday lives.

Our recommendations

Fresh cheese

Serving you fresh homemade cheese.

  • Mozzarella (1)   600 yen
  • Burrata (1)   800 yen
  • Toppings from an additional   150 yen or more

(Mixed herbs, prosciutto, seasonal confitures, berries, etc.)

Photo:Fresh cheese

Hot sandwiches

Each sandwich contains seasonal ingredients sourced locally, baked to perfection

  • Senshu ham and mozzarella   400 yen
  • Osaka Craft Hot Sandwich   980 yen
Photo:Hot sandwiches