Wonder Life-BOX

Wonder Life-BOX is a business facility, no free entrance, no reservation for group tour allowed.
For business customers, please contact a Panasonic sales representatives.

Enjoy a Future Life, Together

"An enriched lifestyle you will admire - Self-designing Life and Comfortable Life"

Wonder Life-Box is an area which presents you with an advance glimpse of a better life in the years from 2020 through 2030-"A Better Life, A Better World"-conceived by Panasonic.Based on information from consumer electronics and household equipment, and making use of optimum services from town and society suited to each individual and their families, you can create your lifestyle more comfortable in your own way.
We propose an enriched lifestyle you will love.

We live together with a smart "Partner" who offers clever and gentle support in your daily life.

The "Partner" will support people’s lives by linking with various advanced consumer electronics and household equipment at home in the years from 2020 through 2030.
The "Partner" will help protect you from anxieties such as disasters, crime, health problems, and connect you with the community and people around you. We will achieve an enriched lifestyle with both "Security" and "Sharing", linking people with things in various scenes.

Wonder Town -Future shopping at town-

Store signage

The store show window quickly changes to signage to display high-resolution images as it detects someone passing by.
It enhances liveliness and adds value to the town.

Town information clippings

Pointing your smartphone at the town signage or lighting will give you easy access to store and product information.
You can order the product on the spot or view the clippings at home. Information connects the town and your home.

Entrance -A connecting area to be opened toward the local community-

The entrance of this future house is a common space to connect your home and community.

Clean entrance

A virus sensor detects polluted air inside and outside the house.
Detection at the entrance prevents the spread of viruses.

Interactive community

The "Partner" provides common topics and facilitates conversation for people getting together.
In case of disasters, it provides you with necessary information about damage to your house and community.

Home hydrogen infrastructure

We would feel safe if we could secure independent energy source at home by popularization of eco-friendly and highly efficient hydrogen.

Kitchen & Living Room -An active space to expand possibilities-

You can enjoy your time in the living room in many ways, by connecting with society to enjoy your family gathering and relaxed moments.

Built-in refrigerator with a smart locker

Integration of a refrigerator with the entrance locker makes receiving and storing food easy.
Messages attached to delivered food from producers expand new interactions between people.

My professional kitchen

From a simple dish combining food available in the refrigerator and a professional-looking creative dish.
A natural dialogue with The "Partner" will add variety to your cooking.

My favorite living

The location and movement of your family members are detected and images can be displayed on the table and on the wall using your tablet at hand.
The "Partner" also takes care of the condition of the house and its equipment which a resident doesn't recognize in a daily life.

Bathroom mirror & Bedroom -A relaxation space for health and beauty-

This serves as a private salon and provides you with precious time to reflect on yourself.

Sleeping quality check and comfortable sleep service

Various sensors detect your physical condition during sleep, managed by the "Partner" on a daily basis.
When you wake up, it tells you the weather information and shows your town clippings information you clipped at town to help you start the day smoothly.

Smart healthcare navigation

Just standing in front of the mirror and the "Partner" will understand not only the condition of your body but also your feelings.
If you are tired and tense, the "Partner" will cheer you up with suitable lighting and background music.

Virtual makeup and fitting

The mirror will offer makeup suggestions to bring out your best look-depending on factors such as your face, the condition of your skin, and plans for the day.
The color of your dress and bag can be simultaneously changed to match your makeup, so you can try various ways to coordinate your look.