Fun at home

Fun at home #StayHome

We have prepared contents that can be enjoyed while staying home.

【RiSuPia navigator workshop】

We have uploaded workshop videos conducted by the navigators from RiSuPia, which is a museum of science and mathematics.
Please watch the video and enjoy the workshop at home.

RiSuPia Mathematics hidden in nature.

We will introduce the contents which were used at the "nature mathematics" area of "RiSuPia", a hands-on museum that enables you to experience the fascination of science and mathematics.
The theme is "mathematics hidden in nature". Please take a look at the mysterious beauty of mathematics hidden in the nature, which is different from daily studies.
In addition, please enjoy a game application where you can learn about prime numbers and tangrams.

Let's enjoy learning mathematics with game application!

You can enjoy "prime number hockey" and "big tangram", the popular exhibitions at RiSuPia, at home by using applications.
It is a game where you can learn about prime numers and the patterns of figures while playing. Please download it if you have interest!

Panasonic and active Olympian Katie Ledecky to hold Online STEAM Education event for children -The power to create the future-

Due to the unprecedented circumstances around the world today, people's daily lives and values have been significantly impacted.

Based on this perspective, Panasonic decided to hold an online event under the theme of "STEAM education*", on Sunday, May 31st, 2020. This event was dedicated to children, where we provided them with an opportunity to think and understand more about "STEAM" in their daily lives.

*STEAM education is an educational method advocated by adding Art to the "STEM education" that comprehensively learns Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The power of creativity and imagination -Fighting against yourself-

Panasonic held an online event with Sakura Kokumai, who is a brand ambassador for Panasonic.
During the event, Sakura talked to us about the fascination of karate, how she faces herself to keep motivated, and her feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please take a look into the life of an athlete who has a strong will.

Live Karate Lesson hosted by Team Panasonic's Sakura Kokumai

Sakura Kokumai, an American Karate athlete and brand ambassador of Panasonic, and Panasonic North America live-streamed virtual Karate lessons which can be done at home. It was live-streamed 3 times on Instagram at 8 am every Thursday morning, starting from April 23rd 2020. Sakura and PNA started this in aim of cheering up everyone at home due to the spread of the coronavirus.
We have edited and uploaded the video here. Please enjoy it with your family.

Profile of Sakura Kokumai
Sakura is Japanese-American who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is ranked 5th in the world Karate ranking, and 1st in America. (as of April 1st, 2020)
Six-time Pan American Games champion, and eight-time national champion.
Started karate at the age of 7, and was chosen for the American National Team when she was 14 years old.
She decided to move to Japan to learn Karate in earnest, and went to Okayama-Gakugeikan High School and Doshisha University. After graduating university, she went on to Waseda University Graduate School, where she majored in internatinal culture and communication.
Currently, she teaches Karate to children at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, from the thought to contribute to the sport.
On January 6th 2020, Sakura was announced as the brand ambassador for Team Panasonic alongside Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, and Lex Gillette at CES, the world's biggest electronics show.