What is the Risu-Earth?

Risu-Earth (Glowing Earth of Knowledge) is the world created by the inquiring minds of our predecessors, people who asked probing questions about scientific and mathematical matters.
By turning the wheel to spin backwards and forwards in time, you can see on the globe the questions our predecessors asked and the things they invented.

What kind of people will appear?

From the School of Pythagoras to Hideki Yukawa. As each question appears, scientists and mathematicians from East and West will take the stage to discuss the questions that preoccupied them.
How can I measure the wine inside a barrel? How do I fix the error that accumulates in calendars? Questions like these, and the discoveries to which they led, shaped the world we live in today.When you learn about the people you see in textbooks, the eras they lived in and the things they achieved, you might be quite surprised.

"?" and "!" differ for each age.

The phenomena people marveled at change continuously over the years. One era’s mystery begets answers that give rise to new mysteries in the next. This process continues today, and will generate new questions and new wonders in the future.

At RiSuPia, we hope that some of the people visiting today will ask the questions that help grow the Glowing Globe of Knowledge.