Facilities Guide

2F Quest Floor

Encounter wonders while having fun.

Quest Gallery

Visit the gallery to view models depicting the principles and rules of science and mathematics. Look, touch and learn about science and mathematics.


Turn Risu-Earth and you'll meet many different inventors. Explore the history of scientific and mathematic discoveries from ancient times until today.

3F Discovery Floor

Let’s go on a journey together with a virtual Discovery Assistant, holding Discovery Scope in your hand.

3FDiscovery Floor

Discovery Laboratory

Try various handicrafts. You can also enjoy reading books and touching goods associated with science and mathematics.

Discovery Field

You can enjoy hands-on exhibits of sound and illumination. Bring your Discovery Scope with you while your journey.

Color Changing Ball

Color Changing Ball

The magic of illumination!
Can you choose a ball with the right color?

Discovery Laboratory

Magical Performance Theater

Magical Performance Theater is a magical theater where you jump in the world of numbers and figures. Experience the worlds of science mathematics with three-dimensional image.

Nature Mathematics

Mathematic rules are beautiful and amazing. Many different rules of mathematics are hidden in the world of nature.