Connected Solutions Company

In order to succeed in creating a sustainable future, changes must be made to the "gemba" — The frontline operations that are essential to both business and our daily lives.

By fully utilizing Panasonic's knowledge and expertise gained as a manufacturer immersed in frontline operations for over 100 years, and with the latest technology and edge devices, we will provide visualization and solve a diverse range of challenges in our customers' gemba.

Panasonic Accelerates the Autonomous Supply Chain with Acquisition of Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder CEO Talks about How Acquisition by Panasonic will Accelerate the Autonomous Supply Chain™

Together, Panasonic and Blue Yonder will deliver a unique competitive advantage for customers to drive more automation and actionable, real-time business insights. The acquisition will also further enhance and fuel co-innovation with customers and partners of all types.


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      There are no announcements at this time.