Gemba Process Innovation

Gemba Process Innovation

In order to succeed in creating a sustainable future, changes must be made to the “gemba” — the frontline operations that are essential to both business and our daily lives.

How can we accurately understand the complicated issues facing the ever-changing gemba, how can we effectively connect different gembas to each other and visualize operations, and how can we better enable people and core equipment to work more efficiently.

This is Gemba Process Innovation — the key to fundamentally solving the business and societal challenges we face today. With a wealth of unique experience accumulated in diverse gembas, Panasonic has the expertise to deliver this innovation.

By fully immersing itself into your gemba and collaborating with its partners, Panasonic will leverage its Gemba Process Innovation to solve the challenges facing its customers with the ultimate goal of creating “A Better Life, A Better World.”


Introduction to "Gemba Process Innovation"

What is "Gemba Process Innovation"?
This short video Introduces our vision and how Panasonic can help enhance your business' onsite operations.

CEO Interview: Accelerating JDA Software & Panasonic Partnership

JDA Software, Inc. and Panasonic Corporation announced an agreement between JDA Japan and Panasonic to establish a joint venture company to further promote sales of the companies' joint solutions for the manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries in Japan.

* On February 11, 2020, JDA Software announced company name change to Blue Yonder.

Establishment of JDA Panasonic Business Solutions Co., Ltd.

JDA and Panasonic have established a joint-venture company in Tokyo. The new JV's president, Takashi Kiryu, talks about the aim of our partnership.

* On February 11, 2020, JDA Software announced company name change to Blue Yonder. Following, JDA Panasonic Business Solutions Co., Ltd. has changed names to Blue Yonder Panasonic Business Solutions Co., Ltd.

Case Studies

Accelerating "Gemba Process Innovation" via collaboration with Partner Company

Panasonic released the joint business development with Startup Linkwiz to enhance welding processes in manufacturing in June 2019.

Next-generation Convenience Store
A New FamilyMart Store in Saedo Opened

Utilizing IoT technologies to realize next-generation convenience store, a new Family Mart store which will act as a demonstration project opened in April 2019.

"Gemba Process Innovation"
RetailTech 2019

"Gemba Process Innovation" introduction movie which was published on RetailTech JAPAN in March 2019

Accelerating "Gemba Process Innovation"
Customer Experience Center opened in January 2019

This introduces "Customer Experience Center" in Tokyo which is a hub function for enhanced customer interaction of B2B solutions business

"Gemba Process Innovation" in NRF2019

This movie introduces "Gemba Process Innovation" which was published on "NRF2019 RETAIL'S BIG SHOW" organized by National retail federation in January 2019.

Realization of the Autonomous Supply Chain™: Strategic Partnership with Blue Yonder

By integrating Panasonic's Gemba Process Innovation with the leading supply chain software solutions, we aim to optimize the entire supply chain from end-to-end.