Gemba Process Innovation

Gemba Process Innovation

Enhancing our world by providing ever greater convenience is a major challenge for people at any enterprise.
Fundamental solutions to complex issues require process innovation at the actual "gemba," where things get made or distributed.
Unique insight gained from over a century of manufacturing allows us to propose and enact comprehensive gemba-focused solutions that address today's changing value network.
By proactively bringing about innovation within our customers' gemba operations, we are helping to ensure a better life, a better world.


Establishment of JDA Panasonic Business Solutions Co., Ltd.

JDA and Panasonic have established a joint-venture company in Tokyo. The new JV's president, Takashi Kiryu, talks about the aim of our partnership.

Case Studies

【Case Study】FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

A new Family Mart store in Saedo where they tested the technology opened in April 2019. Panasonic demonstrates and creates diverse solutions of the customer's perspective with FamilyMart using "Real data" which is collected from the store operation.

Accelerating "Gemba Process Innovation" via collaboration with Partner Company

Panasonic released the joint business development with Startup Linkwiz to enhance welding processes in manufacturing in June 2019.

Next-generation Convenience Store
A New FamilyMart Store in Saedo Opened

Utilizing IoT technologies to realize next-generation convenience store, a new Family Mart store which will act as a demonstration project opened in April 2019.

"Gemba Process Innovation"
RetailTech 2019

"Gemba Process Innovation" introduction movie which was published on RetailTech JAPAN in March 2019

Accelerating "Gemba Process Innovation"
Customer Experience Center opened in January 2019

This introduces "Customer Experience Center" in Tokyo which is a hub function for enhanced customer interaction of B2B solutions business

"Gemba Process Innovation" in NRF2019

This movie introduces "Gemba Process Innovation" which was published on "NRF2019 RETAIL'S BIG SHOW" organized by National retail federation in January 2019.