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Floor map for the Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity. To the right of the entrance is the Information Desk and coin lockers. Just around the corner of the Information Desk there is an AED and at the end of the corridor, there is the ostomate toilet and the men's and ladies' toilets, with the men's on the right and ladies' on the left. Turn left just before the toilets and you will find the Spirit & Skill exhibit, the hall, and the courtyard. Opposite the courtyard is the Technology exhibit. Go straight from the entrance and the Storage space will be on your left, and the Concept Theater and Design exhibit on your right. Continue along to reach the Masterpiece Gallery, and the


Welcome to the Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity!
Here you can take a look at the first models of a variety of products,
view a logo wall, and meet the old character, National Boy.

Photo:Concept Theater

Concept Theater

How much more convenient has everyday life become through home appliances?
Explore the changes through videos and dioramas.



In this hall of memories, nearly 300 different home electronics products ranging from televisions and radios to major consumer electronics are on exhibit. These products tell quiet yet moving stories of the founder’s vision and their designers’ dedication.



Through exhibits showing numerous characteristic designs,
learn of Konosuke Matsushita's thoughts on design,
and about the father of Panasonic design, Yoshikazu Mano.

Photo:Masterpiece Gallery

Masterpiece Gallery

Nearly 150 consumer electronics are on display, showcasing bountiful ways of life through six headings: Bringing Convenience to Housework, Putting Thought into Lifestyles, Offering Excitement to the Home, Unrestricted Lifestyles, Providing a Sense of Security, and Offering New Routines.

Photo:History Wall

History Wall

Witness how Panasonic has responded to and dealt with a society and needs that have changed over time with a projection of historical products, technology, and advertisements.



From the founding of the company, as Konosuke Matsushita's right-hand man, Tetsujiro Nakao supported the company's technological development and manufacturing, leaving behind a legacy of achievements for all around the world.

Photo:Spirit & Skill

Spirit & Skill

Konosuke Matsushita once said that the roots of Japanese manufacturing lie in the traditional arts and crafts. Here we take a look at the manufacturing genes that have been passed down through the skill of human hands, which are still used today.


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