A place to explore Panasonic's manufacturing DNA

Photo:Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity

Approximately 550 historical home appliances that created convenient, prosperous, completely new lifestyles are exhibited all at once.

The products tell the passions of the engineers who put their heart and soul into the design and manufacturing.

Exhibition Information

Floor guide for the Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity. There is an information desk and rows of coin lockers immediately to the right of the entrance. In front of the lockers is an AED, and if you turn at the information desk and proceed to the end, you will find a special restroom for ostomates as well as restrooms for men and women. The women's restroom is on the left and the men's is on the right. If you turn to the left before reaching the restrooms, you will find a hall and a courtyard on the right. Across from the courtyard is a technology display. If you proceed directly forward from the entrance, you will see the storage area on the left side of the aisle and the concept theater and design display on the right side. The Masterpiece Gallery is further along the aisle. It features six organized exhibits on themes such as Unrestricted Lifestyles and Providing a Sense of Security. The History Wall is at the end of the Masterpiece Gallery, where you can view a visual history of Panasonic's past, as its manufacturing responded to social and generational changes.


Welcome to the Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity.
The first models of a variety of products, the logo wall, and once-popular National Boy stand ready to greet all visitors.



Roughly 400 nostalgic home appliances, including televisions, radios, and white goods are on display.
The products quietly but eloquently tell the ideas of Konosuke and the passion of many developers.



View a number of products with unique designs on display to learn about Konosuke Matsushita's thoughts on design as well as those of the father of Panasonic's designs, Yoshikazu Mano.

Photo:Masterpiece Gallery

Masterpiece Gallery

Nearly 150 home appliances that enriched our lives are on display in six categories: Bringing Convenience to Housework, Putting Thought into Lifestyles, Offering Excitement to the Home, Unrestricted Lifestyles, Providing a Sense of Security, and Offering New Routines.

Photo:History Wall

History Wall

Panasonic's various initiatives, historical products, technologies, and advertisements, all of which have adapted to social and generational changes, appear in a projected format.



Introducing Tetsujiro Nakao, Konosuke Matsushita's right-hand man since the company's foundation, and the driving force behind technological development and manufacturing ingenuity, as well as the engineers who left us with many valuable contributions.