Special Exhibition, Konosuke Matsushita Museum: Birth of the New Konosuke Matsushita Museum; Thursday, March 7 to Saturday, April 20, 2019

Konosuke Matsushita Museum Birth of the New Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Dates: Wednesday, March 7 to Thursday, April 20, 2019

In 1933, 38-year-old Konosuke Matsushita built a third head office in Kadoma. With his own eye on many of the details, this building was inspired by a southern European, modern feel, and the offices were extremely functional in their design. In commemoration of the company's 100th anniversary, the new Konosuke Matsushita Museum, which opened on March 7, 2018, was housed in an advance restoration of that third head office building. In this exhibition, we not only look back at the original structure, but also at the new Konosuke Matsushita Museum, the detailed approach to its restoration, and its construction.

With the assistance of Takenaka Corporation

Completion of the third head office

In July 1933, the company built a new head office and factories in what is now Kadoma City in a northeastern suburb of Osaka City. On a plot of land roughly 70,000 square meters in size rose the head office and Employee Training Institute, a factory for radio receivers, and a factory for metals and composite plastics. The structure at the time used techniques no longer seen in what was termed a two-story structure with a western tiled roof, built from a wooden frame with steel-mesh reinforced concrete. The architectural style was described as international, with southern European influences.

The new Konosuke Matsushita Museum

In 1968, as the company approached its 50th anniversary, the building from 1933 was given new life as the Matsushita Electric House of History. That building still exists today as the Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity. And when the company's 100th founding anniversary approached in 2018, the new Konosuke Matsushita Museum was completed. It sits in the very location where the third head office was in 1933. It is a special place that brings to mind the passions of those who came before us. And in the location where Konosuke's office once was you will find an exhibit of a pine tree, in the exhibit hall of the museum.

Human resources development in Kadoma

Konosuke fulfilled his wish by opening Employee Training Institute in Kadoma. He brought in individuals aged 16–17, two years younger than the five-year prewar middle school graduation age, seeing this as the age in which they were most receptive. In this way, he hoped to develop true industrialists. The faculty at the training institute consisted of experts selected from among employees, and lecturers brought in from universities and high schools. Konosuke himself was known to stand behind the lectern on occasion and give special lectures.
The morning recitals of the Basic Management Objective, Company Creed, and Principles which still take place today, began after that move to Kadoma in 1933.

Kadoma and Konosuke Matsushita

On October 1, 1964, at a ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of Kadoma's incorporation as a city, Konosuke was named an honorary citizen. This was the first time that the honorary citizen system, as passed by the city council, was used. Ever since Konosuke had moved his factory to Kadoma, the company experienced rapid growth and development, such that Kadoma was known throughout Japan as Home Appliance Town. This success had a lasting effect on the city's financial outlook.