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Floor map for the Konosuke Matsushita Museum. As you enter the Entrance Hall, you will see the Information Desk directly ahead of you, and to its left, coin lockers. Make your way to the right and you will find, in order, the nursing room, vending machines, AED, ostomate toilet, men's toilets, and ladies' toilets. Through the foyer and straight ahead is the Exhibition Room where the 94-year path that Konosuke Matsushita walked is divided into seven
Photo:With Osaka Electric Light Company colleagues - Konosuke is in the middle of the back row (1916).
Chapter 1: Cornerstone, 1904-

While building his foundation as a merchant in Osaka, Konosuke becomes aware of the electricity

Photo:Back row (left to right): Konosuke, his brother-in-law Toshio Iue, Konosuke's wife Mumeno (1918).
Chapter 2: Foundation, 1918-

The founding of Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works

Photo:Celebration of the first anniversary of the company's founding.
Chapter 3: Mission, 1932-

Konosuke's awakening to the true mission of a manufacturer, and his establishment of the corporate fundamentals as a businessman

Photo:The founder Konosuke Matsushita took on the world of business in his atsushi work clothes. Here he is pictured age 51, taking command of the postwar recovery.
Chapter 4: Quandary, 1937-

Konosuke seeks the essential nature of man in the chaos of wartime

Photo:Leaving for his first visit to the USA (1951).
Chapter 5: Quantum Leap, 1951-

Fresh off his visit to America, Konosuke's ambitions turn toward a global perspective

Photo:Konosuke Matsushita standing at the podium during the Atami Conference, a meeting of the presidents and owners of sales companies and distributors.
Chapter 6: Breakthrough, 1961-

Konosuke warns about the extremes of high-level economic growth, and works to break through the recession

Photo:Meeting with Deng Xiaoping in Beijing (1979).
Chapter 7: Quest, 1968-

Looking towards Japan’s future, Konosuke starts working on realizing his ideal society

Photo:The House Where Panasonic Started

The House Where Panasonic Started

A reconstruction of the founder's home from 1918 that once stood in Ohiraki-cho, in Osaka's Kita Ward (now Fukushima Ward). We have created a real-life model of the three first floor rooms in the two-story house, that had been converted into a workshop. See the manufacturing processes behind the electric lights and attachment plugs of the time.

Photo:The Grove of Learning

The Grove of Learning

Located in the center of the exhibition area is a mini-theater, where visitors can feel the words and spirit of Konosuke Matsushita in videos on Panasonic's 100-year history and on Konosuke Matsushita's philosophies toward business, management and cultivating people.



A quiet space to more extensively study Konosuke Matsushita's methods and ideas, the sum of a 94-year long path. Freely delve into the wealth of the Panasonic Museum's archive contents.


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