SAKURA HIROBA (Sakura Garden)

Cherry blossoms are said to be especially close to Japanese people's hearts. The Sakura Garden, with its 190 Yoshino cherry blossom trees is a place of relaxation, and one where visitors can enjoy nature throughout the year

Konosuke Matsushita’s former home in Kadoma

This home was built as the founder's residence when he relocated the head office and factory to the site in Kadoma in 1933.
Note: Not open to the general public.


Taikan Kato was a priest of the Daigo school in the Shingon sect of Buddhism who had contributed towards the development of the company since its founding by supporting the founder’s spirit. This temple was constructed in 1956 as a posthumous memorial to Kato and his meritorious deeds.
Note: Not open to the general public.

Monument commemorating the 100th anniversary of the company's founding

Celebrating 100 years since our founding, and looking toward the next 100 years.
Characteristically progressive monuments to an ever-growing, ever-developing company.
Feel free to gently stroll where your heart takes you.