Environment Promotion System

Industrial Solutions Company, like Panasonic Group Promotion System, theme-specific committees are formed to set a promotion structure that enables global coordinated action.
For example, Energy Saving Committee shares information on energy saving, and Chemical Substance Management Committee deliberates and ensures management of product and factory chemical substance such as legal compliance.

Environmental Commendation

With the aim of stimulating environmental activities, improvement of awareness and horizontal expansion of superior case examples, we hold an Environmental Commendation.
In FY2018, we received 48 applications from global business sites, and selected 4 themes as Excellent Prize, 19 themes as Prize.
To share superior case examples, we posted them on intranet website, aiming for promoting environmental activities.

Environmental Education

We provide education on environmental activities for all employees through Intranet and special education for persons in charge of environment on global basis. As a part of special education, we hold Seminar on Factory Emission, Seminar on Chemical Substance Management, Energy Saving Network Event, etc.
For the purpose of preventing environmental accidents, we hold wastes and valuables exchange meetings and run case study workshops on environment risk.
The wastes and valuables exchange meeting was started in 2015 at home and in 2018 in China, and the case study workshop on environment risk was started in 2018 at home and in 2019 in China. Particularly in China, education on Panasonic’s management standard (factory emissions, chemical substances, etc.) is provided at the same time.
In APAC region, we hold seminars on our management standards and conduct improvement activities with on-site inspection, aiming for improvement in management level.

environmental risk case study workshops (Japan)
Seminar on Factory emissions (China)

Environmental Mutual Audit

We conduct environmental mutual audits periodically to check operation of Environmental Management System(EMS) and ensure compliance with laws and other requirements.
From FY2016, we have held Cross-company Mutual Environmental Audits with other companies.
We will extend our knowledge by incorporating other company auditors' opinions, aiming for improvement in management level.

Mutual environmental audit (Thailand)
Mutual environmental audit (Malaysia)