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Grand Prize & The Global Citizen Award


Immanuel-Kant-School Bremerhaven

Names of victims of the Holocaust are engraved onto street "stumbling block" plates... Through powerful imagery, this documentary tells us that we should never forget such history.

Best Friendship Award

Kamil and Me

<Czech Republic>
Primary School of Josef Bublik, Banov

In the wake of a pool accident, a boy with disabilities - Kamil - saves another boy. What do they learn from each other after that?

Best Witness Award

There once was war here.

Nakoso 1st Junior High School

During World War II, Japan used "balloon bombs" in attacks on America. The students in this documentary interview those with knowledge of the bombs in order to spread awareness and a message of peace.

Best Storytelling Award

Searching for Summer

<New Zealand>
Mount Aspiring College

Sixteen year old Summer was raised by foster parents. She goes on a journey to find out who she is and meet her real mother.

The K-Factor Award

I Can

Victoria D´Spinay Elementary School

This video sends kids the hopeful message that even though life has its difficulties, with effort dreams can come true. What are their future dreams?

The K-Factor Award is awarded to videos with creative use of technology and how much the KWN motto 'The World Through Their Eyes' is reflected.

Best Cinematography Award

"Value" of immensely

Montfort College

A young boy has been brought up in a village where pigs are raised. By collaborating with a local university, the village solves the problem of bad smells whilst also helping the village to develop.

Best Concept Award

Fighting World Hunger

Lincoln Park Academy

Hunger is an international problem. This documentary reports on the hunger situation in many countries including developed countries, and suggests ways in which we can help.

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