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2014.10.15 KWN Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Global Contest in the USA

October 15, 2014. The KWN Global Awards Ceremony took place at the Panasonic Corporation of North America Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. KWN celebrated its 25th anniversary in the place the program was founded.
More than 120 attended, including the seven finalist schools, a member of U.S. Congress, guests and the press. The Grand Prize went to Germany’s Immanuel-Kant-School Bremerhaven. For their video, "Stumbling", (named after so-called "stumbling stones") they researched the history of the Holocaust and depicted what they learned in a truly moving way.

Through various activities such as a New York City tour, UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program at the Statue of Liberty, and visits to NBC and ABC - two major US TV networks - the students overcame language barriers to learn about each others' cultures.

The results and award-winning videos can be seen at:

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2014.6.27-28 Next Generation Development Activities at the Ogasawara Islands

Next Generation Development Activities were held at the Ogasawara Islands - a UNESCO World Heritage site.
On June 27th, a Panasonic kids school UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program was held at Ogasawara Elementary School.
5th and 6th graders listened to a lecture on the meaning of the World Heritage register, global warming and biodiversity. Afterwards, they undertook field work using Panasonic's HC-BKK1 "Bouken-kun" educational digital video camera.
On June 28th, the students from Ogasawara who started participating in the KWN program this fiscal year took part in a workshop and enjoyed an intercultural exchange "KWN Video Meet" with 2 KWN participating schools from Vietnam.

2014.6.23 KWN Middle East and Africa Regional Awards Ceremony held in Dubai

On June 23, a joint Middle East and Africa Awards Ceremony for KWN and "Eco Picture Diary" was held in Dubai, UAE. Members from 11 schools in UAE, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Kenya were joined by VIPs and local media. Awards went to 3 videos selected from the 27 entries with 5 Eco Picture Diary Prizes awarded from a total of 805 Eco Picture Diary entries.
In addition to the Awards Ceremony, students also visited a Panasonic showroom in the Dubai Mall to see and try a wide variety of Panasonic products, including beauty products.

2014.5.9 KWN Awards Ceremony Held in the USA

On May 9, the KWN Awards Ceremony was held at Panasonic Corporation of North America in Newark, New Jersey. The top 4 schools from 65 participating schools from all over the United States were invited to "Winners' weekend". The Grand Prix award went to Lincoln Park Academy for their production titled, "Fighting World Hunger". The video focused on the problem of worldwide starvation, and made several proposals to solve this very difficult situation. In attendance were the KWN students and teachers, VIPs, media representatives, and local community figures.
The top 4 schools were also able to enjoy various activities together, such as a sightseeing tour of New York and enjoying a Broadway show.

2014.2.25 KWN Asia Pacific Regional Awards Ceremony Held in Singapore

On February 25, the KWN Asia Pacific Awards Ceremony was held in Singapore. KWN members from schools in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Vietnam joined, along with judges and guests. The Grand Prix went to a video titled "'Value of Immensely" created by Monfort College School in Thailand. It explores how a pig farming village in Thailand introduced environmentally friendly practices. They also received the "Best Videography Award." Later, KWN members visited FuHua Primary School, a local KWN participant, to share information on the educational environment. Members also joined childhood cancer activities that FuHua Primary School is involved in, creating a video of encouragement through drawings.
The next day, the "KWN Singapore Race" was held in which participants in teams of different nationalities solved challenges around the City.

To view the video which was produced for the pediatric cancer patients by the KWN students, please click:

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2014.2.22 KWN Awards Ceremony held in Japan

On February 22, the KWN Japan Awards Ceremony was held at Panasonic Center Tokyo in Japan. A total of 64 people attended, including KWN members from 8 finalist schools, judges, guests and media. The grand prix went to a video titled "There once was war here." created by Nakoso 1st Junior High School in Fukushima Prefecture. The video, which also won the Best Research Award, emphasizes the importance of peace and investigates a balloon bomb base camp in the town during the Pacific War through interviews with people who experienced that part of history.
After the ceremony, the children enjoyed learning about science and mathematics at Panasonic Center's RiSuPia museum. All the participants enjoyed the Panasonic hospitality.

Check out the KWN videos!

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