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2008.10.29 KWN China 2008 Awards & 2009 Kick-off Ceremony

On Saturday October 29, 2008, Panasonic China sponsored the 2008 Awards & 2009 Kick-off Ceremony in Beijing. Children from 19 KWN participating schools in Beijing and two KWN schools in Shanghai were invited to attend. The two-part ceremony began with the presentation of the 2008 Contest Prizes, followed by announcement of the 2009 KWN Contest theme and schedule and a HD camera presentation ceremony.

2008.10.28 The KWN Thailand Award Ceremony held !

On 28th October, 2008, Panasonic Thailand held the Awards Ceremony of the "Kid Witness News (KWN)" contest. Eight finalist schools and film/education-related judges participated. The video titled "Buffaloes in the rice field" made by Assumption College Sriracha, Chonburi, swept away the grand prize as the Best Video.

This video is a documentary film which features the Thai buffaloes in the rice fields showing the animal's vital role in Thailand's countryside. This video aims at the developing local people's awareness in protecting the ecology and tries to encourage Thai farmers to bring back the buffaloes in paddy-fields.

2008.10.25 KWN Japan Workshop

On Saturday October 25, the KWN Japan Office held a "Workshop for KWN Teachers" in Tokyo. The workshop was led by a video expert, who is also an experienced journalist. Participants had a full day to benefit from the hands on video production experience.
The morning session consisted of lectures on video production from a children's perspective. In the afternoon, the participants used an HD camera in field shooting and tried non-linear editing on PCs to produce a one-minute video. After everyone shared their videos, the workshop concluded with feedback from teachers on running the KWN program.

2008.10.10 Panasonic UK Hosts KWN Workshop

The KWN workshop took place on October 10, 2008 at headquarter of Panasonic UK in Berkshire, UK, following the workshop held in Canada in August and in Germany in September. 36 students and six teachers from three KWN UK teams attended the workshop hosted by Panasonic UK called "BBC television journalism workshop". The students and teachers learned the key points for developing films by using KWN video reports, the UK training pack and BBC news reports. Mr. Ian Cameron, a news editor for BBC and also one of the KWN Global Contest 2008 premier judges, lectured on how to make the TV programs or video films that will be able to attract viewers with its story telling, pictures and language, etc. The workshop gave valuable experience to the attendees. Panasonic UK is planning to hold a total of seven workshops throughout the months of October until November.

2008.9.4 KWN National Contest Held in Australia

The 2008 National KWN Contest was held in Australia on September 4. Among entries from 75 participating schools, Mooloolaba State School's "Planet Earth" topped six categories: Regional, National Primary School, Queensland Primary School and National Spotlight Awards for Writing, Videography and Editing. "Planet Earth" discussed the rate at which the world is using energy and how we can make a difference before time runs out. As the regional winner, the school will represent Australia at the Asia Pacific Regional Awards Ceremony which is planned on being held in Bangkok in December. The school also became the first to enter as a national winner in the Global Contest 2009.

2008.8.10-13 Hong Kong Winner of Global Contest Visits Beijing

Students and teachers from Kowloon Tong School from Hong Kong, the Grand Prix winner of the KWN Global Contest 2008 in Communication Category, visited Beijing from August 10 to 13 as part of the Grand Prix prize package. They attended the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and visited Beijing Fangcaodi Primary School to meet its KWN team. The Beijing students welcomed the Hong Kong students with traditional Chinese dances, piano performance and screening of a video they produced. The Hong Kong students also showed their award-winning video. The trip gave the Kowloon Tong students a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" as they said.

2008.8.19-22 Japanese Winner of Global Contest Visits Beijing

Three students and a teacher from Tobu Junior High School from Japan, the Grand Prix winner in the Ecology Category of the Global Contest, were also in Beijing from August 19 to 22. The Japanese group also attended the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and met with a KWN team of Shi-ja Primary School. The Beijing students impressed the guests by performing exquisite tea ceremony and playing the erhu, a two-string traditional Chinese musical instrument. Ms. Bronte Barratt, a gold medal swimmer and Panasonic Australia's Olympic Ambassador, joined the students at Shi-ja school. The trip left an unforgettable impression on the students.

2008.7.14-19 Boys of US KWN Winning School Meet Girls in Hiroshima

Boys from Rachel B. Noel Middle School, Denver, Colorado, visited Japan as part of the privileges of the Best US Video winner of this year’s KWN New Vision Awards in the U.S. Their eventful trip included a visit to Suzugamine Girls' Junior High School in Hiroshima, where the boys compared notes on their winning film with the girls and made their first encounter with Sado tea ceremony in a traditional Japanese tatami mat room. Since their video featured a World War II topic, the school chose to visit the Atomic Bomb Museum in Hiroshima.

In the tea room at Suzugamine Girls'
Junior High School.

2008.7.7-12 UAE KWN Students Experience Japanese Culture

Students of Al Manar Girls School from Sharjah, the winner of UAE KWN contest, visited Mikawa Junior High School in Okazaki in central Japan. The Sharjah students visited classes, tried Japanese calligraphy, Shodo, and showed their video. The Japanese students reciprocated by showing their film. As part of the KWN activities, a UAE KWN school visits Japan every year to experience and learn a different culture through interactions with Japanese KWN schools.

Girls from Sharjah, UAE,
practices writing "friendship" with a brush and ink.

2008.6.29-2008.7.5 Winner of Spanish KWN Contest Visits Tokyo

Students of IES Castell d'Estele, the national winner of the KWN contest in Spain, visited Japan. The school, located in a town north of Barcelona, has been actively involved in the KWN program since 2002. They visited the Panasonic Center Tokyo, Eco & UD House and METEC recycling factory to learn about the environment. Afterwards, they went to tourist spots in Osaka City and Kyoto, an ancient Japanese capital, seeing the most modern and traditional sides of Japan.

Spanish students in front of
Panasonic Center Tokyo

2008.6.20 KWN Global Contest 2008 Awards Ceremony held in Tokyo

Panasonic honored the winners of the KWN Global Contest 2008 at the Awards Ceremony held on June 19 at the Panasonic Center Tokyo. Students and teachers representing the US, UK, Poland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan introduced their video productions themselves during the Ceremony. They advanced to the final stage after being selected from among the entries from 24 countries and region. Currently 626 schools participate in the KWN program around the world. After the video screening, the winner of each of the six categories as well as Web and Grand Prix awards were announced. The Grand Prix for Environment went to "Water Flowing around the World? produced by Tobu Junior High School of Nagano City, Japan and the Grand Prix for Communications to "My Grandpa's Letters? by Kowloon Tong School of Hong Kong.

During the Winners? Week highlighted by the Awards Ceremony, the students participated in various activities to explore and experience Japanese culture. Through them, the students formed a bond among themselves beyond national and language barriers.

2008.6.5 First KWN European Awards Ceremony Held in London

Winning videos were honored at the First KWN European Awards Ceremony in London, England, on June 5. Awards in several categories were presented to students and teachers representing schools throughout Europe. A workshop was held in advance to the Awards Ceremony, offering participants a chance to further hone their filmmaking skills.

2008.5.5 18th Annual KWN New Vision Awards Honored in U.S.

In the Unites States, the 18th Annual New Vision Awards ceremony took place on May 5 at Panasonic headquarters in New Jersey. Among more than 200 KWN participating schools across the country, students representing the six finalist schools attended the ceremony. Rachel B. Noel Middle School of Denver, Colorado clinched the 2008 U.S. Best Video of the Year. Gordon Parks Academy of East Orange, New Jersey was named the U.S. finalist for the KWN Global Contest 2008.

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