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2009.12.8 Asia Pacific Grand Prix Goes to Singapore

The KWN Asia Pacific Regional Contest 2009 Awards Ceremony was held on December 8th at the Old Sinema School in Singapore. A total of 24 students and teachers took part in the event, representing seven countries in the Asia Pacific region.
The number of participating schools, including submission by storyboard format in Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand, was 532. The Grand Prix Award went to "Foldable Bicycle in Singapore - The Green Journey" made by Singapore's Jurong Secondary School.

The video showed travelliing by bicycle is not only environmentally friendly but also healthy, with the strength and appeal of its story.
A workshop was held the day after the awards ceremony, where students learned the fundamentals of creative story making.

2009.9.3 Awards Ceremony Held in Thailand

On September 3, the KWN Thailand Awards Ceremony was held at the Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Eight participating schools along with 50 media representatives from newspapers, magazines and TVs attended the ceremony. Five local judges honored Suratpittaya School from Surat Thani province with the Grand Prix.
Their video, "The Art of Thai Boxing," was highly acclaimed for its superb expression of the importance of civility in Thai culture. The video depicted it through "Ram Muay," a symbolic dance of respect toward teachers that is performed in Thai kickboxing matches.

2009.8.26 China KWN Members Visit Japan

On August 26th, a Chinese KWN team of the Wanquan Primary School from Beijing, visited the Seka Elementary School in Kobe, Japan. The trip was a prize for Wanquan Primary's winning the Best Video Award of the 2009 KWN Contest in China. After seeing each other's KWN project videos, they had a lively discussion about their videos and school activities. They also enjoyed various cultural exchanges such as performing traditional folk dances of both countries and seasonal summer events in Japan. Seka Elementary's PTA's and local town officials helped the event with a great hospitality making it a most memorable trip. The school event was followed by a tour of the Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC), which is close to Seka Elementary, to learn about Panasonic's recycling technologies.

Performing each other's traditional folk dance

Goodbye at PETEC

2009.7.7 KWN Global Contest 2009 Awards Ceremony

Finalists in the KWN Global Contest 2009 were honored at an Awards Ceremony at the Panasonic Center Tokyo on July 7, 2009. The 2009 Grand Prix was awarded to "Dirty Work", the video produced by the Public Secondary School in Jerzmanowa, Poland.
Students and teachers representing finalist schools from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Thailand and U.K. attended the Awards Ceremony.

In addition to the Grand Prix, awards were presented in six categories, including production awards for Best Videography, Best Editing, Best Research and Best Documentary. Best Ecology and Best Communication awards were also presented in keeping with the KWN Global Contest themes.

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2009.2.28 KWN Japan Award Ceremony held

On February 28, the award ceremony for the KWN Japan contest was held in Tokyo. Eight awards, including the script, videography, art, and Grand Prix Award, were presented to the finalists. This year's entries from KWN Japan stood out by basing their stories on the history of their local communities while attempting to address larger themes, such as the many problems of war and the importance of life.

Among the entries, 'A "Monumental" Message -For Us Living in the Future-,' from the Okazaki Public Elementary School in Aichi Prefecture, was highly praised by the judges for both the theme and its superb composition, and was presented with the Grand Prix Award. After the award ceremony, an active exchange of opinions regarding the entries was held among everyone attending, including a video specialist, deepening the interaction between participating schools.

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Sheridan Jr. High School

Grosvenor Wentworth Park School

Guilherme Dumont Villares

Peruvian - Chinese School Juan XXIII

La Escuela de Lancaster, A.C.

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Centro Salesiano "Don Bosco" di Treviglio

Draschestrasse Vienna Bilingual School

Primary School Oberdorf Baselland

IGS Roderbruch

The 6th Secondary School in Torun

House of children art "RITM"

Abdullah Bin Al Zubeir / 2nd cycle

Junior High School SMPN 2 Jayapura

Jurong Secondary School

Suratpittaya School

Beijing WanQuan Primary School

Ida Elementary School

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