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2011.12.28 KWN Kicks Off in India

Panasonic India recently launched the KWN program by recruiting schools that had an interest in KWN's activities. A total of six schools from all over India were shortlisted to participate in the program that stimulates teamwork through video production. The six participating schools have begun training, which incorporates key points in the production of video making. KWN India will be having its first ever Awards Ceremony on March.

2011.12.10 A Self-assurance Video Wins China's Grand Prix

On December 10th 2011, KWN China held an Awards Ceremony at a children's theme park called The EE City Theatre in Beijing. Finalists from five schools were in the running. Students from these schools were joined by their teachers, parents, KWN members from neighboring schools, judges, government officers from Beijing Education Department, and the media for a total attendance of 130 people, which included participants of the Eco Diary Awards.

The grand prize went to the Beijing Haidan Foreign Language Experimental School. Their video, titled "This is Me", was a story about a young boy suffering from low self-esteem who finally finds self-confidence and friendship.

2011.11.30 "Yo Verde" Wins for KWN Latin America

The 2011 KWN Awards Ceremony in Panama was held on November 30th with ten participating schools along with teachers, Panasonic executives, and members of the media attending. The ceremony, which was held at the Extreme Planet Movie Theater, was decorated with KWN banners and movie posters announcing the event.

On arrival students were treated to movie snacks at the entrance before walking the blue Oscar-style carpet to be photographed by Panasonic paparazzi. Students from the Panamerican School were awarded with first place for their entry titled "Yo Verde", which tells the story of how a boy's view on environmental conservation changed after a scary and realistic dream.

2011.11.30 Save the Earth with Recycle Wins in Indonesia

KWN Indonesia held the KWN National Awards Ceremony at the XXI Jakarta Theater in Jakarta on November 30th. SMP1 Manado School was the top winner at the ceremony, which was attended by the ten finalist schools, PT Panasonic Gobel representatives, the jury, and many reporters from the media. 

The school’s video production, called "Save The Earth with Recycle" was highly acclaimed and relevant to the set theme of "Action for the Environment". The video described how the earth is sad because human behavior produces a lot of junk, including inorganic waste which cannot easily be disposed of. The event received a lot of coverage by the local media. This year’s contest proved to be a very successful one for Indonesia as the number of preliminary entries by storyboards increased by 10 percent compared with the previous year.

2011.11.14 New Zealand Winners Announced on National TV Show

On November 14th, KWN New Zealand Contest winners were announced live on a popular TV Show called "What Now" which can reach up to 200,000 viewers nationwide. The top winner of this year's competition was the first grade (13-year old) team from Mount Aspiring College in Wanaka with their video titled "The Invitation" which looks at the way that communication affects the quality of people’s lives.

This year's awards also included "Best Primary School", which went to Ngatea Primary School for their entry titled "Bee Documentary". This year's competition was a great success with over 200 storyboard entries, and 20 schools were selected to produce the video for the contest.

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2011.11.11 Singapore Welcomes Back-to-back Top Award Winners

On November 11th, KWN Singapore held an awards ceremony in which a video called "The First Appearance of Light" produced by the Sembawang Secondary School won the KWN Top News Production Award. The winning video surpassed 80 other entries from 41 participating schools. This was the second consecutive year for the school to win the top award. The video emphasized the importance of keeping close ties with families and friends, by quoting a story of a girl whose sister recently committed suicide.

2011.10.23 KWN Japan Produces Video Messages from the Tsunami-hit Area

The video "What I Want to Say", which was produced by KWN members living in areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, was presented at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival. KWN Japan has been offering workshop projects to bring smiles back to the faces of children in schools in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures, the areas hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami in March. The members' video was produced seven months after the disaster under the theme "What I want to say now will make your smile in 2021," and expresses thanks for relief assistance and emphasizes the importance of life.

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2011.10.19 Animation Wins Australian Contest

KWN Australia held the KWN New Vision Awards at the Dendy Opera Quays Cinema in Sidney on October 19. The 170 attendees included KWN team members, education officials from local governments and media people.
Mooloolaba State School won the Home Top Prize. Their animated production Grandpa is based on the true story of one member's grandfather, a fisherman shipwrecked in 1982. Their skillful animation earned high praise for its use of modern cinematography techniques. The school had also won the 2008 Australia Contest and the Best Ecology Award at the 2009 Global Contest under the guidance of the same teacher as this year.

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2011.10.7 Participating UAE and Japanese Schools Enjoy Cultural Exchange

On October 7, four students from two KWN participating schools in the United Arab Emirates visited Japan together with teachers and Education Ministry's officials. The group enjoyed cultural exchange with students from Otemon Gakuin Elementary School in Osaka. The UAE schools - Abdullah Bin Al Zubeir and Almajd Model School - produced videos that won awards at the UAE’s KWN National Contest in 2010 and 2011.

Exercising their Japanese skills, the KWN members from the UAE first greeted an assembly of their Japanese counterparts, then enjoyed meeting the 3rd-grade children. The Japanese members treated their guests to a piano performance and traditional Japanese games and karate. They also tried Japanese calligraphy, drawing a Japanese character meaning "a friend" and showed Arabic script to the Japanese members.

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2011.10.4 KWN Members in the UK Got Top Tips on Film Making

During the autumn, thirteen UK schools took part in KWN training sessions. Workshops were held in three regions of the country with members learning citizenship, editorial and camerawork skills. Emphasis was placed on team building and story-telling in preparation for the pre-production phase, alongside hand-held and tripod camerawork for the production. A total of one hundred and fifty members took part in this preparation for the 2011/12 Contest. All KWN UK schools then went on to experience editing workshops in readiness for post-production.

2011.9.27 Global Contest Winners Go on World Heritage Tour

On September 27 to 29, a KWN team of the Val Verde High School from the U.S. - which won the Grand Prize in the KWN Global Contest 2011 - visited Brazil on a World Heritage Tour. The tour was the prize for winning the contest. The Var Verde team participated in a Panasonic-sponsored World Heritage Eco Learning Program held to coincide with their visit. They were joined by students from local schools and visited Iguaçu National Park. Before touring the park, they first listened to a talk by the park director about environmental preservation. The students interviewed local children at the park, filmed the famous Iguaçu Falls, and thoroughly enjoyed the area’s majestic natural beauty while actively reporting on the experience.

2011.9.20 Theme of Vietnam’s Winning Video is "Saving Paper"

On September 20, KWN Vietnam held its KWN National Awards Ceremony in Hanoi, with the KWN members and teachers from the six participating schools, VIPs including an Education Ministry official, and 16 media people attending.

Marie Curie Secondary School won the Grand Prize. Their video, which suggests people to "think about the environment before clicking print," as spelled as its title, describs how wasting paper is related to the destruction of forests and rising levels of CO2. The video was praised for its superb insights, persuasive presentation of various data, and the use of animation to explain complex information in a simple, easy to understand way. Coverage of the awards ceremony appeared in local newspapers and on local websites.

2011.8.18 KWN Roadshows in Indonesia

KWN Indonesia held a series of KWN Roadshows, where the KWN office staff visited local schools to introduce the KWN program. Staff members presented KWN activities and this year's video themes at seven schools from July 27th to August 18th. Their presentation enhanced the students motivation for producing their own videos to enter the KWN Contest. The Eco Picture Diary Contest, which is one of the activities being conducted by the Panasonic kids school, was presented as well.

KWN Roadshows in Indonesia
KWN Roadshows in Indonesia

2011.8.9 Kick-off Meeting Held in Panama

On August 9th, KWN Panama held a kick-off meeting for 2011-2012 program.A total of 72 KWN members and their teachers from ten local participating schools took part, together with 20 members of the press. The event outlined KWN activities, screened the award-winning videos for 2011, introduced comments by KWN members, and presented a video shooting lecture by producers from a local TV station. Media crews covered the meeting and showed the students' active participation.

Kick-off Meeting Held in Panama

2011.7.21 KWN Global Contest 2011 Awards Ceremony held in Hollywood

The KWN Global Contest 2011 Awards Ceremony was held at the Globe Theatre in Universal Studios Hollywood, California, on July 21st. Finalists from six schools were in the running, selected from the 679 schools from 26 countries and regions around the world. The students from the finalist schools were joined by their teachers, KWN members from neighboring schools, and media, for a total attendance of more than 200 people. The Grand Prize went to the representatives of the host country, Val Verde High School in California. Their video, titled “Without Me,? was a public service message that told the touching story of a youngster who was on the verge of committing suicide -- a subject that reflects a profound problem among people everywhere. The judges evaluated the video highly for the extremely strong message that it conveyed.

KWN Global Contest 2011 Awards Ceremony held in Hollywood
KWN Global Contest 2011 Awards Ceremony held in Hollywood

Val Verde High School members receiving the Grand Prize from PNA CEO Joe Taylor

The videos from the other finalist schools focused on the environment, such as reminding us of the importance of water, describing the role of mangroves, and drawing attention to the need for recycling.
The results and award-winning videos are available at:

2011.7.21 KWN Finalists meet the Capital of the Film Industry

On July 20th and 21st, leading up to the Global Awards Ceremony, the six finalist teams enjoyed action-packed schedule. During the visit with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory on July 20th, they all experienced shooting and viewing 3D movies, which gave them the opportunity to actually handle some of the latest 3D imaging technologies. Then they headed out to see a variety of Hollywood landmarks. At the intercultural exchanges held on July 21st, a variety of games, dances and other activities organized by the U.S. KWN team and KWN Office staff helped everyone to experience each other's culture and mutually deepen their understanding.

KWN Finalists meet the Capital of the Film Industry

Watching 3D Movies at PHL

KWN Finalists meet the Capital of the Film Industry

Intercultural exchanges

2011.6.22 Latin America Grand Prix Video Focusing on "City" Problems

On June 22nd, KWN Latin American Awards Ceremony was held in Lima, Peru. National KWN winners from four countries, namely Brazil, Mexico, Panama and Peru took part. The winner of the Latin American Grand Prix was Itaca School from Brazil. Their video -- "Sampa, Talk to Me!" -- presented problems faced by the city of Sao Paulo, through a series of interviews with local people. The KWN members representing each country visited the host country's KWN participating schools and enjoyed intercultural exchanges, such as performance of local folk dance.

Latin America Grand Prix Video Focusing on City Problems

2011.6.1 Grand Prix Award Goes to an Ecological Video in UAE

On June 1st, KWN UAE held an awards ceremony in Dubai. 6 finalist schools and teachers, which were selected from a total of 25 UAE schools, staff members from the UAE Ministry of Education, and KWN representatives took part. The Grand Prix Award went to the students of Al Majd Model School. Their video, called "The Earth Likes to Breathe Too," called for a reduction of plastic bags that harm the environment, and promoted the use of paper bags. Other finalist schools also received awards in the Best Writing, Best Videography, Best Sound, and Best Editing categories.

Grand Prix Award Goes to an Ecological Video in UAE

2011.5.20 Slovakia Team Took Lessons from the Past

On May 20th, KWN Europe held a regional awards ceremony at the PASSAGE KINO Movie Theatre in Hamburg, Germany. National winning teams from eight countries in the European region participated. The KWN European Award was presented to members of the Rudolf Dilong Primary School from Trstena, Slovakia. Their winning video, entitled "Do Not Destroy but Save," compared and examined lifestyles from the past and today, to show how modern lifestyles have an impact on the global environment.

Slovakia Team Took Lessons from the Past

The video was highly acclaimed for its poignant story, thanks to scenes such as a cake shaped like the Earth being devoured. Prior to the awards ceremony, the participants also had an opportunity to experience professional technique of film studio.

2011.5.9 Training Camp in Malaysia

KWN Malaysia held a training camp at the Quality Hotel Shah Alam in Selangor from May 9th through the 13th. A total of 102 KWN members from 35 participating schools in Malaysia participated. At the camp, professional film producers and veteran camera operators gave lectures about the elements required in filmmaking, from producing a storyboard, to writing scripts, camera work, sound, acting, directing, and editing. KWN graduates were also on hand to offer advice to current KWN members. This marked the 7th year for the KWN training camp.

Training Camp in Malaysia

2011.5.6 Video Advocating Teen Support Wins the U.S. Best Video

On May 6th, KWN USA hosted the KWN New Vision Awards ceremony at Panasonic North America (PNA) Headquarters in New Jersey. More than 100 people took part in the event, including KWN students, teachers and other guests. Among 60 entries, a public service announcement video "Without Me" produced by Val Verde High School in California won the Best Video Award.

Video Advocating Teen Support Wins the U.S. Best Video

Their video was aimed at preventing teenage suicides. It was highly evaluated for the way that it dealt with teenage worries and concerns by approaching them from the same perspective as youngsters in that age group. The Val Verde High School members also received Full HD 3D products as the top prize.

2011.5.4 Is 'B for Apple' in the U.K.?

On May 4th, KWN UK held an awards ceremony in Derby, England, with about 100 KWN members taking part. The best prize went to the students of Testbourne Community School.

Is 'B for Apple' in the U.K.?

Their video, called "B is for Apple,"relayed the effect that the extinction of bees had on the environment, from their own unique perspective. In addition to screening and awards presentation, students joined a musical performance and a mini competition that consisted of producing a 30-second KWN commercial.

2011.3.18 Motivation and Teamwork Mark Australia Workshops

KWN Australia held workshops in six cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, from March 18th to March 25th. A total of 464 students and 59 teachers from 64 participating schools took part in the workshops.
Famous local actors, producers and editors also joined in support of the workshops. The workshops provided lectures in a hands-on format to teach a variety of video production techniques.
The KWN members gained even greater motivation to produce videos, while also learning the importance of teamwork.

Motivation and Teamwork Mark Australia Workshops

2011.3.10 KWN Videos to Appear on YouTube

On March 10th, the KWN Global Channel has launched on YouTube with archived award-winning KWN videos from the past.
Releasing the KWN videos on YouTube will make it much easier to share them worldwide.

KWN Videos to Appear on YouTube

2011.3.10 First-Ever Awards Ceremonies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

KWN Czech Republic and Slovakia held awards ceremonies for the first time.
The KWN Czech awards ceremony was held in Prague on March 10th. A total of 15 KWN members,
four teachers and five guests then took part in the ceremony, which took place in a party-like atmosphere and featured a unique KWN cake.

First-Ever Awards Ceremonies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The KWN members also visited a local TV station, where students learned about professional video production. KWN Slovakia held their awards ceremony in Bratislava on March 11th. Eight KWN members, two teachers and six guests attended. They also took a glimpse of professional world by talking with a video cameraman at a local TV station.

2011.2.26 A Documentary Video Wins the Grand Prix Award in Japan

On February 26th, KWN Japan held an awards ceremony at the Panasonic Center Tokyo.
The Grand Prix Award went to the Nagawa Junior High School who produced a documentary called "Commemorative Photos at the Bottom of the Dam," which focused on the people who had to relocate their homes due to the construction of a hydraulic power plant.
KWN Japan used Ustream service to webcast the ceremony live so that journalists and staff members who could not make it to the venue could watch it.

A Documentary Video Wins the Grand Prix Award in Japan

2011.2.13 "The Glass of Pure Water" Wins for KWN Russia

On February 13th, KWN Russia held an awards ceremony at the University of Cinematography in Moscow.
A total of 106 people, including students and teachers from 13 local KWN participating schools and staff members, took part.

The Glass of Pure Water Wins for KWN Russia

The Intellektual School won the Grand Prix Award with the video titled "The Glass of Pure Water," which tells a story of a group of children trying to give the fish in their town's aquarium fresh, clean water. In the process of examining the water quality in rivers in their town, they realized once again the true importance of clean water. The judge panel praised the video as it focused on an environmental issue in everyday life.

2011.1.26 Switzerland Winner Features "Mutual Understanding"

KWN Switzerland held an awards ceremony on January 26th at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.
A total of 100 people, comprising students from five KWN participating schools and their teachers and staff members, participated in the event. The Grand Prix Award went to the students of the R?tihof School in Z?rich. Their production, called "Best friends all over the world," told the story of how students who immigrated to Switzerland were able to form warm friendships with other students through their study of the German language. The video expressed the importance of mutual understanding among different culture.
KWN Switzerland released images of the awards ceremony and a workshop on Facebook and YouTube, and continues to conduct active public relations of their KWN activities.

Switzerland Winner Features Mutual Understanding
Switzerland Winner Features Mutual Understanding

Check out the KWN videos!

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