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2012.12.18 Vietnam's First Asia Pacific Regional Awards Ceremony!

The 2012 Asia Pacific Regional Awards Ceremony was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on December 18.
The awards ceremony that followed was attended by about 30 representatives from KWN winning schools in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as a total of some 70 participants, including those from Vietnam's Ministry of Education and the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam. The entry from New Zealand was selected for the first place award.
After the awards ceremony, a tour of RiSuPia Vietnam facilities was given and a visit was made to a KWN participating school in Hanoi. A reception called a "cultural exchange festival," provided everyone with a chance to experience various traditional performances and other cultural activities.

Cultural exchange festival

2012.11.29 KWN Panama Awards Ceremony

The KWN Panama Awards Ceremony was held in Panama City on November 29. A total of 127 people attended the ceremony, including 27 journalists from 17 media companies. They covered the event and provided excellent web, newspaper, and TV exposure.
I.P.A. (Instituto Panamericano) won the first place award, and 9 other schools in Panama received certificates from representatives of Panama's Ministry of Education.

2012.11.30 Global Contest Winners Go on Japan Tour

From November 27 to 30, KWN members from Sembawang Secondary School who won the Grand Prix in the KWN Global Contest 2012 visited Kyoto and Osaka for a Japan tour. The tour was a supplementary prize for winning the contest.
On the first day, the members visited Panasonic Center Osaka. The next day, a cultural exchange was held with KWN members from Ikeda Junior High School. In addition to introducing their cultures, they got a chance to try their hands at cartoon production.
The last day, the members arrived at Kyoto and toured the World Heritage Sites of Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, and Nijo Castle, also visiting TOEI Kyoto Studio Park. They all enjoyed the scenery and culture of Japan to the fullest.

A hands-on cartoon production session.

See the sights of the Kiyomizu-dera

2012.11.21 Video Meet Wows Japan and New Zealand!

On November 21, 20 KWN members from the Kuki Elementary School in Iwate Prefecture in Japan and 28 members from the Christchurch South Intermediate School in New Zealand had their first Video Meet. After describing their countries and exchanging opinions and questions about each other's culture, the students had an enjoyable time playing quizzes and games.

For introductions at the beginning, the Kuki members performed a folk dance called YOSAKOI, while the Christchurch team performed a New Zealand folk dance called HAKA. They even played a scissors-paper-rock game over the video screen (photo).
Teachers from both schools gave high praise to the Video Meet, with one teacher saying, "It was a very valuable experience for everyone."

2012.11.14 Workshop at Panasonic Center Tokyo

Fifteen KWN members from the Green Hills Junior High School in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, visited Panasonic Center Tokyo on November 14. The group split into two teams and proceeded to interview Panasonic Center members and shoot the exterior of the facilities.

After shooting, the KWN members completed the process by checking the final images. One of the teachers commented, "It was a great experience for them to allocate tasks among the group, with some of them involved in news gathering and others in shooting."

2012.11.3 The Award Ceremony and Kick-off Meeting in Hong Kong

The KWN Award Ceremony and Kick-off Meeting for 2012-2013 program in Hong Kong were held on November 3. About 80 KWN members from 12 schools attended the ceremony with distinguished guests from the Education Bureau and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The Grand Prix went to Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section), for their video "The Test," which is a story about time travelling and the importance of listening attentively.

Apart from the ceremony, Ms. Nicole Wong, the Director of Education from WWF, was also invited to share the video of Earth Hour 2012 with the participants and gave a speech about the threat of climate change and how we can help reduce carbon emissions.

2012.9.26 KWN Japan Boosts the Spirits of Children in Tsunami-affected Areas

KWN Japan has been holding a special KWN workshop program called "Smiling for Sure 2021" to bring smiles and energy back to children living in the areas hit by the huge earthquake and tsunami last year. In the program which started in September last year, local KWN teams created video messages called "What I Want to Say" and "Messages for Us in 2021" which were stored in a time capsule to be opened in 2021.
The 8th "Smiling for Sure 2021" event took place in September at a middle school in Iwate Prefecture, eastern Japan.

For details of Smiling for Sure 2021:

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Mr. Takumi Kajisha, Panasonic's head of corporate communications, joined the event and gave children a lecture on what’s necessary to "fulfill dreams," based on his experience in the leadership of a boys' baseball team.

2012.9.7 Awards Ceremony held in Malaysia

The Malaysian KWN Contest 2012 awards ceremony was held from September 5 to 7 at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 56 schools submitted videos, covering a wide variety of topics, including nature and habitat conservation, recycling, family ties, and friendship.
Out of 12 finalist schools who attended the awards ceremony, the Grand Prix went to the Section 9 Secondary School Shah Alam, for their video titled "Paper Chase." The ceremony was attended by Ms. Puan Rosnani, Director of Education Technology Division, and many journalists from local media.

Prior to the awards ceremony, KWN members toured the Panasonic Econation Center, an eco showroom to introduce the four pillars of Panasonic energy technologies -- create, store, save and manage.

2012.8.10 KWN Global Contest 2012 Awards Ceremony held in London

The KWN Global Contest 2012 Awards Ceremony was held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, on August 10. The students from the six finalist schools were joined by their teachers, KWN members from neighboring schools, and media, for a total attendance of more than 230 people. The Grand Prix went to Sembawang Secondary School in Singapore. Their video, titled "The First Appearance of Light" described the difficulties of communication by portraying the bitter sadness of a young girl whose older sister had committed suicide. Based on a true story, the high level of the story structure was praised by the Premier Judges. The videos from the other finalist schools focused on themes such as recycling and friendship. The video by the Iwasaki Junior High School in Japan, which described the children's efforts to recover following the devastation of the North East Japan Earthquake, drew particularly strong applause from the audience.

Grand Prix Winner Singapore Sembawang Secondary School holds the Grand Prix ticket together with IOC (International Olympic Committee) Vice President Mr. Ser Miang Ng, who is also from Singapore.

The results and award-winning videos are available at:

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2012.8.6 3-Way Video Conference Event Held During the Olympics!

In addition to the Awards Week events, local KWN teams from the UK took part in a video conference event that linked the Panasonic Pavilion in the Olympic Park in London to Japan and Singapore on August 6 and 11.* Participating KWN members used Panasonic's HD Visual Communication System to share the excitement of the Olympic Games and other events. It also gave the students an opportunity to show examples of their lives and cultures, and to explain and ask questions of each other.
*The video conference on August 11 was held between 2 countries, the UK and Japan.

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UK students asked questions about the other students' school life.

2012.6.20 KWN Latin America's Regional Awards Ceremony Held in Panama!

On June 20, 100 students and teachers, including finalists from the 5 countries Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Chile and the media gathered in Panama for the KWN Latin American Awards Ceremony 2012. This year's Grand Prix went to a Mexican school, with their video "La Sanrisa de la Tierra" (Smile of the Earth). 

Prior to the awards day, they enjoyed great learning activities such as the Panama Canal cruise with onboard environmental lectures and a photography workshop, a tour of a local newspaper company and a shooting experience at the studio of a local TV station. Both days were widely covered by the media.

2012.5.11 US Awards Ceremony Features Green Acts

On May 11, Panasonic North America (PNA) held the U.S. KWN Awards Ceremony at its headquarters in New Jersey. Some 130 people, including KWN teams from 4 U.S. finalist schools, PNA executives and guests invited from around the United States attended the ceremony. While the theme for the ceremony was centered on the Olympics, the harmony with the theme of the Environment was kept by the stage props all being recycled from previous KWN events and programs.

A KWN Torch Relay video which featured the KWN teams from eight states doing green acts such as recycling and planting trees in their own states opened the ceremony. Out of the 76 participating schools in the US, Val Verde High School's video on recycling, "Fuhgeddaboutit (Forget about it!)" won the Best Video of the Year.

2012.5.10 Video Meet Wowed Japan and Malaysia!

KWN members in Malaysia and Japan enjoyed their very first Video Meet on May 10. 60 members from Malaysia and 40 members from Japan all clapped and cheered as each other's pictures came up on their large screen Smart VIERA TVs. The event allowed them to take part in and learn from intercultural communication, with both sides introducing things like their traditional garments, music, and calligraphy. The Malaysian members even managed to present a Japanese song much to the delight of their newly found Japanese friends. All participants including the teachers commented that it had given them an invaluable experience.

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2012.5.3 Winners in KWN India Focused on 'Appreciation'

May 3 was the all-important day for KWN India as they held their first ever awards ceremony at the Panasonic Experience Centre in Gurgaon. The event was attended by 75 participants, including Panasonic officials and the local media. Out of five participating schools this year, St. Mark's Senior Secondary Public School won the first KWN grand prix in India for their video titled "Life is Appreciation" which emphasizes appreciation in daily life.

2012.5.3 130 Students Gathered for the UK Awards Ceremony

KWN UK held their awards ceremony at the Palace Theatre in Redditch on May 3 with 130 students from around the UK to celebrate their KWN achievements. Nine schools received awards with Knox Academy from Scotland winning the Grand Prix with their film 'Knife Crime'. The winners received their award from Keith Evans, Managing Director of Panasonic UK. In addition to the screening of the UK films, students were entertained by young musicians and also took part in a photographic challenge exploring the Olympic ideals.

2012.4.18 Water Conservation Wins Grand Prix in Chile

On April 18, KWN Chile held their first awards ceremony at a cinema in Santiago. While it was the first year of the KWN program in Chile, they had the honor of having the Minister of Environment and other ministry officials in attendance. The winners were a team from Boston College with a video titled "Dream," which emphasized the importance of water, and how carelessness and misuse of it can lead to awful consequences. The ceremony gained wide media coverage in its first year.

2012.3.24 National Winners Announced in Mexico

On March 24, KWN Mexico held its KWN Awards Ceremony in Mexico City where a total of 215 KWN members from 10 schools took part in the event. The Grand Prize winner out of the 25 candidates was a team from Greenlands School with their video "La Sanrisa de la Tierra", which translates to "The Smile of the Earth" which showed the importance of protecting the planet with simplicity and emotion. The winning team will go on to compete in the KWN Latin American Awards Ceremony which will take place in Panama.

2012.3.20 KWN Cakes Served at Czech and Slovakia Awards Ceremonies!

Awards ceremonies in Czech and Slovakia were held on March 20 and March 16 respectively, in a similar style to each other. The winners for the Czech Republic were the Grammar school of Josef Bublik, with the video "Surrounded by Magic" , and the winners for Slovakia were the Primary School of Rudolf Dilong with "Everybody's Different, Yet We're All Equal". Both countries had workshops with video professionals who were KWN ambassadors and made awards announcements at a film theater. They also enjoyed a very ceremonial KWN-logoed cake to celebrate the occasion.

2012.2.22 Singapore Wins Asia Pacific KWN Contest

On February 22nd, the KWN Asia Pacific Regional Awards Ceremony was in Singapore. National winning teams from seven different countries participated. The Grand Prix award was presented to the Sembawang Secondary school from Singapore for their video which reported on the importance of keeping close ties with families and friends, by quoting a story of a girl whose sister recently committed suicide. They also took part in a special Eco Educational Tour the following day, which included educational activities and visiting farms.

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2012.2.12 Russian Grand Prix Award Goes to "Another's Ice"

On February 12th, KWN Russia held its 2012 awards ceremony in Moscow. 120 KWN members from all over Russia participated in the event which was held in the "Yaroslavl Hall" at the Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow. The Grand Prix Award went to Moscow's School Intellectual. Their video called "Another's Ice" told a story of a disabled boy who dreamt of the impossible - to learn to skate.

Check out the KWN videos!

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Sheridan Jr. High School

Grosvenor Wentworth Park School

Guilherme Dumont Villares

Peruvian - Chinese School Juan XXIII

La Escuela de Lancaster, A.C.

Testbourne Community School

Centro Salesiano "Don Bosco" di Treviglio

Draschestrasse Vienna Bilingual School

Primary School Oberdorf Baselland

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The 6th Secondary School in Torun

House of children art "RITM"

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