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2013.12.5 Kids School Global Awards Ceremony 2013 held in Paris

On December 5, 2013, the Kids School Global Awards Ceremony 2013, held jointly with EPD (Eco Picture Dairy), took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Attending the ceremony were the top 6 finalist members from both the KWN and EPD programs as well as prominent VIPs, such as UNESCO World Heritage Center deputy director Metchild Rossler and Panasonic Europe chairman Laurent Abadie.
The KWN Grand Prize went to Mount Aspiring College - a junior high school from New Zealand - for their creative work about a girl faced with deep sadness at the sudden loss of a close friend. The film is entitled "Forever Emily" and is based on a true story.
Their achievement was widely covered by the New Zealand media.

2013.11.3 KWN and EPD China Awards Ceremony Held

On November 3, the KWN China Awards Ceremony was held together with EPD (Eco Picture Diary) in Beijing. A total of more than 300 people attended, including students and school representatives from both programs, judges, Chinese Government representatives, and members of the media.
The Grand Prix went to "Love is all around-"Friends" of love in the picture" created by Beijing Yucai Primary School. This video tells the story of a boy selling his drawings to help his schoolmate who became seriously ill.

2013.10.13 Video Meet between Japan and Hong Kong

On October 13, a KWN international exchange program "Video Meet" was held between Daimon Elementary School in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and Shak Chung Shan Memorial Catholic Primary School in Hong Kong.
After introducing each other's school, both countries introduced their food culture. The Japanese team then gave a presentation on an Okazaki City mascot and traditional Japanese games while the Hong Kong team gave a presentation on music and cyber art.

2013.8.22 Kids School Dual Awards Ceremony Held in Indonesia

On August 22, 2013, the Indonesia KWN and Eco Picture Diary dual awards ceremony was held in Jakarta. There were many attendees, including VIPs from Panasonic Global Indonesia, honorable guests, and various media. 10 storylines were selected from the 200 submitted. The grand prix went to a video named "Turn Off The Device with Love" created by SMP Salman Al-Farisi.

2013.7.5 KWN Training Camp 2013 Held in Malaysia

The KWN Malaysia Training Camp was held for three days, from July 3 to 5, in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. Some 30 students and teachers from 10 participating KWN schools attended. Mr. Othman Hafsham, who is one of the premier judges for the KWN Global Contest, also took part as an instructor. The students enjoyed a wide variety of experiences, including the challenge of producing an actual video.

2013.6.29 KWN Hong Kong Awards Ceremony Held

The Hong Kong KWN Awards Ceremony was held on June 29. A total of 195 people attended, including KWN members from 17 schools, officials from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) director of education, and Panasonic Hong Kong VIPs. The Hong Kong Grand Prix video, "What kind of Earth we want to live in? Who is going to start to change?" was made by Tai Po Old Market Primary School.

2013.5.23 Latin America Awards Ceremony Held in Sao Paulo

The Latin America KWN 2013 Awards Ceremony Week took place from May 20 to 23, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The awards ceremony for the Latin America KWN Contest was held on May 22, with a total of 120 people attending. The Grand Prize went to Instituto Panamericano of Panama for their entry, titled "Trash is Money."

The students took a tour of a Panasonic showroom before the awards ceremony, and enjoyed a wide ranging international exchange opportunity with the host school. This included Brazilian dancing by students of the KWN local participating school, and introductory presentations by each of the other schools.

2013.5.10 Awards Ceremony Takes Place in the US

On May 10, Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) rolled out the red carpet at their Secaucus, New Jersey, Headquarters for the 24th Annual Kid Witness News (KWN) New Vision and Eco-Effect Awards Ceremony.
75 people from among 72 schools participating in the KWN program attended, including the top five schools and program judges.

" Promoting environmental awareness, PNA introduced The KWN "Best Eco-Effect PSA (Public Service Announcement) of the Year" Award. Marcus Garvey School from Chicago, Illinois, was honored with this award for their video "The Okra Show."
The 2013 KWN "Best Video of the Year" Award then went to PS 41 Walter F.
White School from Brooklyn, New York, for their creative work about gun violence in New York City, called "Put Down the Gun." The school, which has participated in the KWN program since its inception, finally won the grand prix.

2013.4.22 Middle East Regional Awards Ceremony Held in Dubai

On April 22, the Middle East Regional Awards Ceremony took place in Dubai, UAE. The ceremony was held jointly with the EPD (Eco Picture Diary) Awards Ceremony, with a total of 290 people attending, including both students and school representatives. As such, it was a major event for the Panasonic Kids School. KWN awards were presented to the winning schools, and EPD awards went to individuals from various countries. In the KWN Ceremony, winners from 4 countries were selected from among the 27 participating Middle East schools.

This also enables them to take part in the KWN Global Contest 2013.
Prior to the awards ceremony, a hybrid toy-car making workshop sponsored by Panasonic was held, and students tried their hand at crafting eco model cars.

2013.4.12 KWN Roadshow held togerther with Eco Picture Diary in Indonesia

From April 1 to 12, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia sponsored a series of KWN and EPD Roadshows, held mainly in Jakarta. Staff members visited local schools to introduce the programs and conduct workshops. KWN workshops helped students to develop storylines and concepts for video productions, and EPD workshops focused on writing diaries based on environmental themes. A joint KWN/EPD Awards Ceremony will also be organized by Panasonic Gobel Indonesia in August 2013.

2013.3.16 Exchange program "Video Meet" between Japan and Vietnam

An international KWN exchange program "Video Meet" was held between Hakozaki Junior High School in Fukuoka and Wellspring International School in Vietnam. 14 members from Japan and 18 members from Vietnam participated in this event. The HD Visual Communications System was used to connect the Panasonic showrooms in Fukuoka and Vietnam.

Through the Panasonic HD Visual Communications System, they enjoyed a sense of reality such that there was no feeling of distance.
First, the students showed a video about their schools, and shared their impressions and experiences of participating in the KWN program. Wearing brightly colored "Ao dai" costumes, the Vietnamese students performed a traditional dance. The Japanese students presented a quiz in English, mainly on Japanese culture. There was an active and fulfilling exchange throughout, with the event lasting longer than planned.

2013.2.19 KWN Brazil Awards Ceremony

The KWN 2012 Awards Ceremony was held on February 19, 2013, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Approximately 190 members from 10 schools participated in the awards ceremony organized by Panabras, who rented an entire movie theater in Sao Paulo for the occasion. The students from each school were overjoyed to see their production on the huge theater screen. The Grand Prix went to a video named "Entre vozes" (Between voices) created by Colegio Guilherme Dumont Villares. The video portrayed various social activities for people with hearing impediments.

2013.2.18 Nagawa Junior High School Wins Grand Prix Award in Japan

The winners of the Grand Prix Award were selected by KWN Japan on February 18. This year, a total of 71 elementary and middle schools from all over Japan participated in the KWN program. It was very hard to pick just a single video as the winner. After thorough judging, a video titled "The Girls Who Crossed Nomugi Pass," produced by Nagawa Junior High School in Nagano Prefecture, received the First Place Award. This video explores the history of events that took place on a steep and rugged mountain pass in their region, and seeks to tell the world about some important things that were learnt and how they apply to life today. 
This is the school's second Grand Prix, following the one they received in 2010. The video will be entered into the KWN Global Contest 2013.

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2013.2.9 Awards Ceremony Held in Russia

The KWN 2012 Awards Ceremony was held on February 9, 2013, in Moscow, Russia. A total of 120 kids and teachers from all over Russia attended. In addition to Panasonic Russia CEO Shigeo Suzuki, a representative from the Ministry of Education and Science gave a welcome speech. The Grand Prix was awarded to a video named "Birds' rebellion" by the TV Studio "Jolly heels" Yaroslavl team. The video tells a story of birds leading the way to save the earth from environmental pollution and destruction.

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Sheridan Jr. High School

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