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Developing appliances which unite the cultures of Japan and the rest of the world

Many home appliances have become integral parts of our lives. They deliver both comfort and convenience. However, as they have become items that we have “of course,” we have lost the opportunity to aspire after them, to feel moved by them.

Panasonic is actively engaged in developing new home appliances from their unique perspective, so that we can feel that aspiration, and feel moved by our appliances, even in today’s world.

Imagined from the ground up: J-Concept

Panasonic began at one of the fundamentals of craftsmanship, adding the customer’s voice to the development process, by conducting appliance surveys of over 30,000 people and listening to the way Japan lives.

Appliance functions which take on the uniquely Japanese consideration for others; simple, elegant design based on a harmony which blends into the home.

The J-concept logo The J-concept logo

Focusing on solving customers’ problems with the question “What do we need out of an appliance?”, Panasonic imagines new products to realize the concept of Japanese beauty.

Photo: Air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, microwave ovens, rice cookers, and refrigerators

Changing the Concept of “Harmony” into Design and Technology

The way we think about and live in our homes strongly reflects our cultures. Large-scale kitchen appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens, which are sold in Japan as individual units, are normally supplied as built-in appliances in Europe.

Panasonic’s European appliance design features the clean, elegant silhouette of circles and lines – a direct descendant of the Japanese concept of “harmonizing home and garden”.

For example, Panasonic’s built-in kitchens are designed to harmonize with European homes, blending in completely with the kitchen space.

Photo: Panasonic hob (induction cooking equipment)
Photo: IH microwave oven

As part of the lineup for built-in kitchens, Panasonic hobs (induction cooking equipment) were introduced into the German market. Their internal temperature sensors allow precise control over temperature, making possible the subtle flavors of Japanese cuisine. Of course, you can expect it to provide a new level of flavor from German food, and food from the rest of Europe, as well.

Kitchen Appliances for Europe: Uniting the Cultures of Europe and Japan

Technologies borne of ideas from Japanese cuisine are put to use in Panasonic’s Kitchen Appliances for Europe. In Japanese cuisine, freshness is crucial to getting the most out of seasonal ingredients. Panasonic’s kitchen appliances utilize clever ideas to maintain freshness and nutrients, and are sure to contribute to Europe’s nutrition-conscious healthy eating habits.

Photo: Refrigerators filled with food

With original technology taking a cue from Japan’s eating habits, such as emphasizing seasonal ingredients and focusing on health, Panasonic is set to bring a new eating experience to the people of Europe and the rest of the world.

Creating a Space to Gather, Have Fun, and Relax

Because Panasonic offers such a wide range of products, it can combine lifestyle appliances – such as built-in kitchens with audio and video systems, air conditioning, and lighting – to create a space for people to get together, enjoy meals, and relax.

At exhibitions and local showrooms, Panasonic is listening to people from many walks of life, in many parts of the world: not only in Europe, but also in the United States, China, and countries all across Asia.

By uniting Japanese culture and its tradition of technology with other cultures, domestically and globally, Panasonic is creating the undefined “aspiration” and sharing it with the world. That is what leads to a “better life” for each customer.

A Better Life, A Better World A Better Life, A Better World

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