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Panasonic wants to grant the wish that all women have. Panasonic, which has supported the women of Japan with its beauty appliances, is releasing its “Panasonic Beauty” line to the world. These facial care, hair care, and body care products embody the concept of “from busy to beautiful.”

Supporting Active Women

Panasonic’s beauty appliance history began in 1937, with the sale of its first hair dryer. Its facial steamer, released in 1980, was beloved by the women of Japan as beauty equipment that could be used even at home, and took the world by storm with its “Do you like beautiful women?” slogan in 1992. Panasonic established the beauty appliance market in Japan, and began its official beauty brand, Panasonic Beauty, in 2010.

The Panasonic Beauty logo

As women have continued to make social progress in Japan, the purpose of beauty has shifted from taking care of one’s own appearance, to having confidence in oneself. By helping women to achieve beauty in their everyday spare time, Panasonic Beauty allows high-quality self-care without hassle, providing confidence to women in our busy, modern world, and helping them shine all the more beautifully.

Pursuing Beauty with the Power of Technology

One of the technologies that support Panasonic Beauty is “nanoe” technology. Nanoe technology solves the perennial beauty problem of moisture retention by producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles.

Panasonic’s nanoe-equipped hair dryer, released in 2004, won the support of many women for the resilient, hydrated feel it gave to their hair. Since then, nanoe technology has been applied to not only hair dryers, but also products such as hair straighteners and facial steamers.

What’s more, Panasonic is adding other technologies to support beauty, including electro-osmotic flow to improve the absorption of facial lotion, and IPL(Intense Pulsed Light), which softens the roots of hair using wide-wavelength range light to eliminate the dark traces after hair removal.

The Challenge to Popularize Panasonic Beauty as an Internationally Aspired to Brand

Panasonic has released the Nanocare Dryer, which accounts for a large share of the Japanese market, as a specialized hair dryer in countries around the world. Among these, it has focused especially on China and the Northeast Asia Region, where women are particularly responsive to the trends of Japan. Panasonic is releasing the Nanocare Dryer’s flagship models simultaneously, creating a demand for the Nanocare Dryer through local media and establishing it as a premium brand.

It’s important for customers to try out beauty appliances for themselves, to truly experience their effects. As a way to create such opportunities, Panasonic opened CLUXTA, a beauty appliance experience space in Shanghai, China, in June 2015. CLUXTA is now a facility where users can go to experience the latest beauty appliances by Panasonic, as well as the latest skincare and cosmetics, patterned after the “beauty lounge” concept developed in Japan.

Photo: CLUXTA self-aesthe  & powder room

Through activities like these in anticipation of global development from the Asian market, Panasonic aims for regional establishment as an aspired-to brand which pursues beauty.

Entering the Premium Beauty Device Market of Europe

In addition, from 2016 Panasonic has expanded its premium beauty product line in the European market. For European customers who has high interest in beauty and anti-aging, we are delivering highly polished beauty products from Japan.

Photo: Micro-foaming face cleansing device and Ionic cleansing & toning device

By striving to create a beauty appliance brand beloved by women around the world, Panasonic is supporting the beauty of all women.

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