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Recently, with the increased fuel efficiency of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, the development of environmentally-friendly vehicles, such as hybrids and electric vehicles, has surged forward. Because of this, the need for high-performance electronic components and power sources has increased to unprecedented levels.

Through supplying these devices and batteries for vehicle automotive, Panasonic is improving environmental efficiency and clean energy use in our society.

Environmentally efficient electronic components

As technology advances, the number of components used to create each automobile continues to increase. In recent years, the proportion of those components which are electronic has particularly increased.

As demand rises for environmentally-friendly vehicles like plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, they are evaluated for their abilities to drive long distances efficiently and recharge quickly – the mechanisms of which rely mostly on electronic components.

Through supplying these electronic components, Panasonic is bringing environmental efficiency to automobiles. It is expanding driving range by integrating entire electronic systems and increaseing evergy density optimizing energy consumption. It’s saving space by making battery units more compact. And it’s contributing to the further-improved performance of environmentally efficient vehicles from a new perspective.

Automotive lithium-ion batteries: Having the largest market share*

Photo: Automotive lithium-ion batteries

Panasonic develops and manufactures the hearts of environmentally efficient vehicles: nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries. Among these, automotive lithium-ion batteries have the largest global market share. *

As the market for environmentally - friendly vehicles expands, Panasonic has automotive lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities in Japan, the US, and China, in order to meet the demands of car companies. By providing both high-performance technology development and high-quality batteries, Panasonic will continue to supply the world’s top class HV automotive batteries.
*Based on in-house research, 2015 capacity.

Through the electrification of cars, Panasonic is actively engaged in achieving cleaner energy and bringing environmental consciousness to our driving society.

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