Comfort in each and every living space

Making homes to meet everyone’s needs, by providing a wide variety of facilities and services.

What we want out of a house changes with our time period, our stage of life, and our family makeup. For everyone to live comfortably, it’s necessary to change the home to suit the resident.

Panasonic is engaged in a wide range of housing businesses, including housing facilities and building materials, construction contracting services, and services for the elderly. Panasonic provides every product and service to help clients build their homes.

Living Space Solutions to Support Living

Panasonic began its housing facilities and building materials business in 1958, striving to “create beauty and health, using technology to reduce environmental impact, providing an active and comfortable life.”

The business, which started with plastic drainpipes and Panelite (a basic construction material based on melamine veneer), has grown to now provide all types of equipment and materials: From interior materials such as floors, doors, and storage; to exterior materials like drainpipes, roofing materials, and exterior walls; to plumbing fixtures such as system kitchens, baths, sinks, and toilets; to structural parts; to home elevators.

The Power to Develop Products with a Unique Perspective on “The Homes of the Future”

Precisely because Panasonic offers everything from development to construction of all kinds of products, it is also able to develop new, unique product ideas. Instead of the ceramic that had become a standard throughout the plumbing fixture industry, Panasonic’s tankless A La Uno toilet is built from a new stain-resistant material. Easy maintenance and beautiful design, all in one model. And thanks to the reduction in weight due to the new materials, shipping and construction time are reduced. It’s unique ideas and technologies like these that bring the A La Uno wide acclaim and make it a hit product.

Photo: A tankless A La Uno toilet
Photo: A home delivery mailbox

In addition, Panasonic is also developing products based on unique ideas, such as vanity mirrors with slim LEDs mounted on either side to make makeup application easier; and mailboxes to provide peace of mind, when they receive your mail even when you’re not home. Panasonic will continue to use its unique perspective to develop convenient, comfortable products for the homes of the future.

A Manufacturing and Distribution System to Fulfill All the Needs of the Construction Site

To bring better products to consumers, it is also important to create a system that enables construction to be done smoothly and without waste.

For example, for a system kitchen, customers are able to choose their favorite functions, sizes, surface materials and colors to match their styles. The combinations of these details reach into the millions. In order to respond to each unique order quickly and accurately, Panasonic has introduced systems to relay customer orders directly to the factory, allowing customized manufacturing, or “mass customization.”

This way, equipment and materials can be manufactured and shipped to the site according to the work schedule, allowing products to be delivered more smoothly, based on the site’s progress.

Changing Market, Global Engagement

With the high-quality, high-performance products and engineering developed in the Japanese market as its base, Panasonic is developing its global market, too. With an understanding of their environments and cultures, Panasonic is reaching out to other countries and regions to provide better living.

HomeX was launched as an integrated lifestyle platform

In 2018, Panasonic officially launched HomeX as an integrated lifestyle platform.

From the touchpoints of "people" and "lifestyles," Panasonic forms a software-led definition that states "the longer the lifestyle, the more advanced it looks" by comprehensively linking and fusing homes and living situations with internet and software technologies. As a result, the value of home appliances, housing facilities, and living spaces is also updated after the home is purchased, and the new value is provided to the family with optimal timing and a natural form. Panasonic offers this HomeX concept as an open platform and works with consumers and business partners to build eco systems that contribute to healthy lifestyles.

HomeX ロゴマーク HomeX ロゴマーク

With an eye toward how the times will change, Panasonic’s housing business gets ever closer to its customers’ lifestyles, offering better support for their ways of life.

A Better Life, A Better World A Better Life, A Better World

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